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Venair develops first multishape silicone hose that can be manually shaped and maintain its form under extreme working conditions.

November 18, 2014
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Venair a pioneer in engineering and manufacturing silicone hoses has released the first conformablesilicone hose in the market, able to maintain its shape under extreme operating conditions.

The new Vena MF/MF-L hose has been developed by Venair’s R+D team to meet the most demanding needs, but its main advantage is its moldability.

The Vena MF/MF-L hose has the capability to acquire a certain shape and maintain it, even in extreme operating conditions—an innovation that eliminates the need to create silicon hoses of a specific shape.

According to Venair research and development manager Javier Sigler, “the main advantage that Vena MF-L provides is that it allows us to reduce the amount of time and resources spent developing prototypes and hoses with special shapes drastically. Simply by shaping the Vena MF-L with our own hands, we have a hose that is totally adaptable to the position of the connection and the design of the installation.”

Vena MF-L is smooth on the inside and the outside, and works successfully in temperature ranging -60°C to 180°C, with peaks up to 200°C.

The sleeves are double reinforced to prevent breakage or indentation in the silicone during installation.

Sigler adds that “in the development of Vena MF-L, we have taken into consideration not only its resistance in order to avoid tearing during the instalment, but also its excellent durability and resistance to hardening produced by thermal action and deformation by compression.”

This product is suitable for both the food and pharmamacuetical segments for industrial applications with uneven connections, which require customized parts, as well as for prototyping.

Since its establishment in the UK in 2011, Venair’s Ltd. main asset is engineering solutions tailored to the needs of its customers in the most demanding industries in a short period of time. Venair Ltd. is a part of the Venair Group.

Venair is an international leader in engineering and manufacturing silicone hoses intended for the most demanding sectors such as the pharmaceutical,biotechnology and aerospace. Headquartered in Switzerland, Venair Group has a presence in over 65 countries worldwide through its network of international sales offices and manufacturing facilities.

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