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Fruit packaging for kids

Innovative packaging and product design help kids eat healthier.

January 28, 2013
by Canadian Packaging Staff

No one is exactly sure why so many kids around the world dislike eating healthy snacks (Psst! They prefer sugary candy), but one German branding company has hopefully hit on a way to package fresh fruit in a manner that will inspire young kids to eat fruit and have fun doing it.

Meet the fruit figures (see image above).

Created by the Berlin, Germany-based Scholz & Friends Group GmbH for the German organic food chain Fresh ‘N’ Friends Foodstore, the fruit is organized carefully—hand-placed—onto a tray in fun designs that will hopefully encourage children to eat healthier.

The fun fruit figures include: a snail, sunflower, tractor, owl, teddy bear, kitten and a car—all familiar shapes for kids—which are created utilizing slices of fruits such as strawberries, tangerines, kiwis, grapefruits, grapes, papaya, oranges, blueberries and more.

According to Scholz & Friends, rather than call attention to the fact that there are more kids eating unhealthily or that are obese, it chose instead to focus on ways to make fruit more appealing—to turn boring old fruit into something vibrant and fun.

Not content to just create fruit figures and package it, as part of the allure, Scholz & Friends also devised a contest for kids to create their own fruit figure, with the most popular one added to the product line by Fresh ‘N’ Friends.

To facilitate the contest, Scholz & Friends added printed cut-out sheets of fruit into every tray pack so kids could design their own fruit figure by hand. And, keeping up with the digital age, the design firm also encouraged the young consumers to design their own fruit figure on the Fresh ‘N’ Friends website.

And, while it is indeed possible that the child whose parents had the most friends, won, every one of the 3,500-plus fruit figure designs was published and judged on-line, with a rabbit fruit form designed by a five-year-old boy joining the popular fruit tray line.

After the fruit figures are hand-placed onto the foam fruit tray, the trays are wrapped in stretchfilm and heat sealed.

Check out the video made by Scholz & Friends on the new Fresh ‘N’ Friends fruit figures’ branding: