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Four new products from Klöckner Pentaplast

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New additions spur Pentacard film product line.

Klöckner Pentaplast Group, the world’s leading producer of films for pharmaceutical, medical device, food, electronics, and general-purpose thermoform packaging, as well as printing and specialty applications, has released four new products for its Pentacard film product line.

Pentacard Color Core

Pentacard Color Core films are designed for secure card applications, such as financial magnetic stripe transaction, RFID (radio frequency identification), and dual-interface cards, and compatible as the core layer in full-face foil cards.

Pentacard color core films are designed to create unique branding opportunities for the card issuer.

“Pentacard color core films were developed to provide card issuers with unique branding opportunities for their secure cards,” notes Tom Mucenski, business manager of card films, Klöckner Pentaplast/Americas.

Pentacard kpFoil

Pentacard kpFoil has been designed for full-face foil card applications.

The full-face foil cards permit enhanced brand appeal with graphics that have brilliant shine and reflection which is, according to Klöckner Pentaplast, unobtainable with conventional ink on white print stock.

Available in PET/Foil/PVC or PET/Holographic/Foil/PVC laminated structures, Pentacard kpFoil films are engineered to be processed with standard card lamination and print methods and are ideal for secure and nonsecure cards, such as bank, RFID, gift, loyalty, club, and membership cards.

Says Mucenski: “Pentacard  kpFoil  films for full-face foil cards were engineered to provide customers with options for creating cards with high-impact graphic appeal.”

Pentacard kpLonglife Overlay Film

The Pentacard product line of card films has been extended to include Pentacard kpLonglife WF278 2+2 W32 overlay film for secure and non-secure card applications. Engineered for heat and crack resistance, Pentacard kpLonglife PVC/PET overlay film is designed to replace a customer’s current PVC overlay film where enhanced card durability is required and can transform a normal PVC card into a long life card structure.

By using this overlay film, card manufacturing steps and the number of materials can be reduced resulting in less processing; thereby saving cost and time while enhancing productivity.

Klöckner Pentaplast is the only global manufacturer to offer this overlay film that is a composite consisting of a clear PVC overlay/adhesive layer/clear gloss PET/adhesive layer. The clear PVC outer layer allows for normal card personalization while the PET inner layer offers the strength and durability to the composite card.

An adhesive layer on the PET allows for lamination and excellent adhesion to UV-cured inks. This adhesive provides UV and moisture resistance, excellent clarity, and anti-blocking properties after lamination. Cards made from Pentacard kpLonglife overlay film exceed 500,000 flexes (ISO 24789-2) for superior performance.

Pentacard Overlay Films With Magnetic Stripe

Klöckner Pentaplast has also just released the Pentacard  CC-L278/01 and CC-L279/01 vinyl overlay films with magnetic stripe for card applications.

Used in an array of card types, these Pentacard films provide customers with the unique ability to receive overlay film with the magnetic stripe already adhered to the product; thereby, eliminating a step in the customers’ manufacturing process saving customers time and expense. Ideal for assisting large companies during peak demand, these films also facilitate smaller companies entry into the financial card market.

Pentacard CC-L278/01 and CC-L279/01 overlay films with magnetic stripe are available in rolls or sheets with customer-specified magnetic-stripe type and dimensions. Up to 12 stripes in a CR-80 format can be included.

These films are available with two types of magnetic coercivity: LoCo (retail and gas cards) and HiCo (credit and smart cards) applications.

All Pentacard overlay films offer product advantages of superior adhesion to conventional and/or UV inks; consistent color before and after lamination; high clarity; and superior graphic visibility. Pentacard coated films exceed ISO standards for bond strength. These films can be thermal printed or laser engraved.

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