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For those about to drink – AC/DC salutes you

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Premium Pils from Karlsberg now available in 568 ml beverage cans from Ball - "Under-the-tab" printing adds edge to precision-targeted promotion.

Premium Pils from Karlsberg now available in 568 ml beverage cans from Ball – “Under-the-tab” printing adds edge to precision-targeted promotion.
Back in black, fans of Australian rock and roll band AC/DC now have a newly designed AC/DC Premium Pils beer to drink and jettison into the garbage cans at the show.

Karlsberg Brauerei (Carlsberg Brewery) has completed the launch its newly designed cans for AC/DC Premium Pils, with the underside of each pull tab containing an individual code that fans can use to buy souvenirs or can use to bid on prizes.

These new precision-targeted promotion cans are manufactured by Ball Packaging Europe (the biggest Ball of them all – is that enough of the AC/DC references for you?), one of Europe’s biggest beverage can producers, and they are now on sale in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Chile and Canada.

The new AC/DC can is a real point-of-sale eye-catcher, and not just because of its true-to-life Australian “pint” size (which equates to 568 ml or 19.2-oz) – it also has a unique design.

Against the can’s jet black, matt printed background, the famous AC/DC logo is lit in almost luminous red. Just behind it is the silvery cover of the group’s latest album “Black Ice“. And the red metal tab on the jet black end completes the sleek look of this rocker beer-locker.

Aside from the design, the prizes that purchasers can possess are also destined to rock. Under each can tab is a code that gives its user 50 “lightning bolts,” the currency of this promotional campaign. The acquired ‘bolts’ can be used to either buy AC/DC fan shirts, music and the like, or to bid for attractive prizes in a series of auctions – with all transactions handled by the EMP Metal Mail Order Shop.

Individual design, audience-aligned marketing
The promotional codes are applied to the AC/DC cans by Ball using its “under-the-tab” printing technology that uses a laser to apply numbers, graphics and or symbols to be inscribed in the small area.

But printing under the tab is just one possibility offered by the beverage can producer to its customers for individually marking such metal packages. With the Dynamark printing process, cans can be provided with up to 24 different designs in one production run.

And the use of augmented reality or QR codes additionally allows customers to access offline or online reality experiences.

“Beverage cans offer enormous scope for effectively targeted, creative advertising or promotional campaigns – and are right at the cutting edge of the personalization trend,” explains Benoit Hirszowski, marketing director at Ball Packaging Europe. “Not least because they are an ideal vehicle for communicating the brand identity of a product in an individual and strikingly modern manner.”

All we can say, is that when it comes to the new AC/DC beer cans – please do not shake them all night long and drink responsibly.


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