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The Fluidocap 1000 and Fluidocap 70 capsule fillers can handle a broad range of capsule sizes

August 21, 2019   Canadian Packaging

Designed specifically for producing liquid capsules containing cannabis-derived CBD and THC extracts, AGG Group’s new semi-automatic Fluidocap 1000 and fully-automatic Fluidocap 70 capsule fillers provide efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions for both niche and mass-scale producers of medical marijuana products. Intended primarily for R&D (research-and-development) and scale-up production needs, the Fluidocap 1000 is a semi-automatic machine that integrates filling, closing and band sealing processes in one compact and robust unit, whereas the Fluidocap 70 is a fully-automatic filler capable of producing up to 70,000 capsules per hour. According to AGG, both systems handle a broad range of capsule sizes and liquid viscosities of all the common cannabis-based liquids, including free-flow, pastes, suspensions, thixotropics and hot-melts.

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