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FlexPak Leak Detectors: New product improvements

June 8, 2020   by FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc.

FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc. have been suppling Acrylic Vacuum Chambers around the world for more than 14 years. Their Acrylic Vacuum Chambers are used for Package Leak Detection throughout the packaging industry. Our standard model FP392220 leak detector is the largest Acrylic Vacuum Chamber in production world-wide. Interior dimensions of the FP392220 packaging leak detection tank is 39”x22”x20” (yielding a total of 17,160 cubic inches of testing space). Per Tanner Vandenberg, Sales and Marketing Manager, “These extra-large tanks are commonly used to test seal integrity issues for pet food package leak detection, and can also be used for performing package leak detection tests on multiple large packages for other industries”. Custom solutions for even larger Acrylic Vacuum Chambers specific to A manufacture’s products can be achieved by FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc.

FlexPak Leak Detectors are used by numerous industries which utilize flexible packaging, rigid packaging, etc. to perform various ASTM packaging integrity testing methods. Common applications are Food Packaging Leak Detection, Pharma and Medical Packaging Leak Detection and also Cannabis Packaging Leak Detection.

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