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Designed specifically for applications in the food industry, the new Ever-Kleen conveyor system from Tri-Mach Group Inc. offers users extensive benefits of tool-less disassembly, tail-roller flip and easy conveyor belt removal to provide a economical and easy-to-use solution for cleaning and sanitizing both packaged and unpacked products. Available in a range of standard widths and lengths for Intralox or other modular conveyor belts, the Ever-Kleen system is completely devoid of any potential harborage points or bug-trap areas that can result in unwanted bacterial growth—making it extremely well-suited for companies needing to maintain stringent HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) compliance and strict adherence to all the pertinent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) protocols.

The new Model 5300rfid printer-applicator from Weber Marking Systems—developed to help consumer goods companies to meet the emerging radio frequency identification (RFID) labeling requirements from Walmart and other leading retailers wanting to streamline product tracking throughout their supply chains—is designed for easy printing, encoding, verification, and application of pressure-sensitive SmartTrak RFID labels to cartons and pallet-loads in one pre-set operation. Offering a selection of print engines that utilize thermal-transfer technology to produce SmartTrak labels with text, barcodes and graphics at 203- or 300-dpi (dots per inch) resolution, the Model 5300rfid system boasts enhanced RFID processes for reaching throughput speeds of up to 12-ips (inches per second) and is fully-upgraded with the latest protocols. As the labels are printed, digital information is instantly encoded on thin, ultra-high frequency (UHF) inlays that are embedded into the SmartTrak label material, with the encoded information immediately verified by the system, which then applies the SmartTrak label to the top or side of a carton or pallet load as it moves down the production line.

Chesapeake Corporation has launched a new range of anti-static HDPE specialty chemical containers—in 11-liter and 20-liter sizes—that are designed specifically to minimize the risk of static build-up and electrostatic discharge thanks to the introduction of a specially-formulated anti-static agent into the polymer resins for the exterior surface of the multilayer blowmolded containers, which are certified and approved for the transport of industrial chemicals by the United Nations and all the major industry groups.

The new Contour-75 Multiwrapper from Douglas Machine Inc. is designed for high-performance handling of lightweight containers with its highly repeatable Smartrak Steady Stream infeed system that greatly reduces line pressure so that the containers are never pushed against one another—thus significantly eliminating product damage and distortion, while allowing the metering system to function properly. Boasting operating speeds of up to 75 cycles per minute, the Contour M-75 offers many value-added operational features, including the Slipstream Pinless Metering system, side film-stands, and quick-change servo-driven wrapping wand for optimal operational flexibility, as well as automatic servo-homing and additional clamps in the infeed, metering and transfer areas. Moreover, the machine employs a patent-pending heat tunnel that uses advanced heat and airflow management techniques to deliver tightly wrapped products on pads, U-boards, or in film only.


The new Crystal PET Jars from Continental Packaging Solutions boast bright colors and a modern, attention-grabbing shape that is designed to evoke images of a precious jewel, according to the company. Coated with a special barrier to protect against chemicals and moisture, the 32-milliliter Crystal PET Jars are available in clear, green, red and blue colors, and they are able to accommodate most common caps.

The new DynaCon Modular Gravity Conveyors line from the Dynamic Conveyor Corporation is designed to maximize flexibility in configuration by utilizing short roller sections to create the right conveyor length for the application at hand. Well-suited for moving product, boxes, cartons, packages, totes and pallets weighing up to 100 pounds, the new conveyors feature modular roller sections up to 20-inches-long—including five rollers on four-inch centers—with the conveyor modules ranging from four- to 36-inches-wide, and designed for easy connection or reconnection to create application-specific conveyor systems of varying lengths. Constructed from high-impact polycarbonate, the lightweight conveyors come with adjustable-height leg-sets and securely-locking, caster-base wheels for enhanced portability and stable operation.

The new CLV620 and CLV630 lines of barcode scanners from SICK are designed to offer users greater reading performance, increased functionality and user-friendly flexibility, according to the company, across a wide range of high-speed packaging, parcel and postal operations, distribution warehouses and other demanding logistics applications. Incorporating the company’s powerful SMART (SICK’s Modular Advanced Recognition Technology) for optimal reading performance—enabling users to obtain accurate readings even from poor, partially hidden or damaged barcodes—the scanners also boast both onboard serial and EtherNet communication connectivity options, further enhanced with the patented SOPAS (SICK Open Portal for Applications and Systems) engineering tool to allow users to program complex sorting, filtering and output functionality to maintain a universal platform for user-friendly data management.

The new Astro-Bubble Renew air-cushioning protective contains 25-percent pre-consumer recycled content, according to the company, to provide users with a more eco-friendly packaging options across a broad range of end-use industries. Available in co-ex (low-density polyethylene/nylon) and monolayer (linear-low density polyethylene) options—with bubble sizes consisting of very small, medium and large—the lightweight Astro-Bubble Renew offers a cost-effective cushioning, surface protection and void-fill option that also helps minimize weight during finished goods delivery, in turn helping lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions throughout the supply chain. Based on the percentage and type of regrind being used during manufacture, Astro-Bubble Renew will typically have subtle color tones depending on which colorants are part of each specific batch, according to the company, with silvery tone usually being the most common shade.

The new HybriCore bag from the Bemis Paper Packaging Division is an innovative poly/paper hybrid bag designed to deliver both superior strength and high-impact shelf-appeal across a broad range of markets and end-use applications, according to the company. Boasting a multila
yer design combining a durable print surface and a sturdy reinforcing layer, the HybriCore bag features a distinctive pinch closure to ensure optimal seal and barrier protection, while preventing infestation, with the outer layer easily accommodating add-on packaging features such as handles, zippers and sliders. Allowing for high-quality printing to achieve superior, scuff-resistant graphics for effective shelf presentation, the HybriCore bag—lauded as ideal packaging for pet-food, rice, seeds, etc.—is claimed to ensure six times the drop strength and four times tear-resistance of the print sheet compared to other comparable paperbags, as well as vastly improved seal strengths.

The popular PosiGrip Accumulation Conveyor from TKF, Inc. can now be configured to convey product around virtually any degree of curve, while maintaining non-contact, zero-pressure accumulation, according to the company, making it very well-suited for the computer and electric components, food-and-beverage, appliance, automotive, and glass industry applications with strict requirements for non-contact between products. With the accumulation zones driven by motorized rollers—each with a drive card that allows for easy speed adjustment—the drive roller automatically stops as the product reaches the photo-eye as the discharge point of the zone, thus ensuring virtually no contact. Allowing for uninterrupted accumulation with no external sensors or logic, the PosiGrip Accumulation Conveyor also allows for individual control of zones for specific assembly areas, according to the company, and all the PosiGrip roller drive-gear teeth are formed directly into the rollers and powered by smooth, quiet synchronous belting in a positive drive to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Sealed Air Corporation has expanded its Cryovac Simple Steps line of heat-and-serve packaging with the Simple Steps Lisdstock package—comprising a clear, rigid polypropylene tray with a non-barrier, easy-open sealant and a permeable, anti-fog coated lidstock. Cleverly formatted to allow for fresh produce to be fully steam-cooked in a microwave in mere minutes, the Lidstock packages can run on a wide range of existing packaging equipment, according to the company, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit a broad range of products. Boasting innovative self-venting technology for safe and convenient meal preparation, the Lidstock package also allows for the direct printing of text and graphics right on the film—removing a need for wraparound sleeving around the package.


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