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First Glance – November 2009

By Canadian Packaging Staff   

General Cortegra CSAT America Mason Box Company MIXPAC Equipment


The new DXB Bench Dispenser from MIXPAC Equipment Inc.—designed as a portable, bench-top unit that offers a fast, simple and accurate solution for dispensing two-component reactive resins in a wide variety of ratios—is a highly versatile and economic dispensing system that allows for different components in flowable adhesives to be gravity-fed from separate refillable, two-gallon containers through an integral dispenser. With its foot-pedal actuator allowing for a hands-free operation that ensures precise mix ratios and reproducible results, the system’s elongated stand—fully-adjustable over three axis—can accommodate a wide range of product applications.


The new DTS 1200 Blister Printing Unit from CSAT America LLC—designed to ensure high resolution with multiple anti-counterfeiting features for demanding pharmaceutical security applications—can be run either inline or as a stand-alone system, according to the company, with its all-digital technology allowing for each pack to be printed with a unique, randomly-generated number that is 100-percent traceable to its origin of time, date and location of packaging. Engineered for optimal resistance against heat, pressure, abrasion and solvents, the DTS 1200 enables on-demand generation of five of the most efficient anti-counterfeiting and brand protection features—background information; identity code; sequential numbering; time-and-date stamp; special UV-visible colors—while facilitating full product traceability with all types of fonts, graphics, drawings, data fields, text and barcodes. Offering the advantages of proprietary electronic unit-dose printing—without any mechanical stretching that could cause foil cracks due to elongation—the DTS 1200 provides in to 1,200-dpi (dots per inch) resolution in the range of 0.5- to 20-mpm (meters per minute) operating speeds, with up to four simultaneous PMS color dynamic printing of variable and real-time data.


Designed primarily for cylindrical bottles and vials, the new ECLs (extended-content labels) for pharmaceutical packaging and labeling applications from Cortegra feature proprietary designs for information-rich products, multiple language translations, and lengthy and complex drug facts. Offered in both laminated and non-laminated versions, as well as with color and process printing capabilities, the new ECLs are offered in several varieties, including:
Booklet: combining a pressure-sensitive label with an attached leaflet or booklet, which may contain several pages up to 0.125-inch thickness, with a resalable closure system;
Multiple Plys: configured with a patented, easy-release design for the label—doubling the content area by allowing text to be printed on the underside of the label, which can be easily lifted up and repeatedly reapplied onto the container;
Wraparound: uniquely-constructed to enable the label to wrap around itself to double the available copy space—ensuring proper presentation of product usage and all the pertinent warning information, while also making it ideal for international product distribution and multiple language translations.


Mason Box Company has launched a broad new range of custom-designed shipping and storage boxes for fragile items such as medical vials, bottles, microscope slides and optics—featuring rigid cardboard construction with two wire-tabs that come up from the bottom half, fit through the top, and fold over to secure the box. Manufactured in a comprehensive assortment of sizes and boasting superior burst strength, according to the company, the lightweight, fully-recyclable boxes can be supplied with pre-cut open- or closed-cell foam inserts to cradle and protect all types of fragile products during shipping and storage, with further optional features including tamper-evidence and full-color printing.


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