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First Glance – November 2008

By Canadian Packaging Staff   

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The new GREENBOX Inflater Pack from Entropy Solutions is the first single-dose shipping container designed specifically for helping the shipped temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products maintain controlled room temperature (CRT) of 20-25°C—as well as refrigerated temperatures in the 2-8°C range—for 24 to 48 hours from the time the package is shipped, according to the company. Boasting the so-called phase change material technology—namely the company’s patented E23, E1 and E4 formulations—the inflatable package provides the necessary thermal protection required for controlled room temperature medications transported in small quantities, or single doses of the temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, biologics and blood samples.

The new Bemis Magic Steam high-temperature film from Bemis Flexible Packaging–Milprint Division is FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-compliant packaging film designed to allow consumers to steam-heat a broad variety of meats, meals, vegetable medleys, sauces and other food products right in the bag at temperatures of up to 275ºF. Boasting patented seal-vent technology to withstand temperatures high-enough to heat up proteins, while also maintaining a hermetic seal throughout distribution, this innovative film self-vents without holes, slits or perforations—eliminating any openings that can allow any contamination to slip into the package. The Bemis Magic Steam film is available in a choice of flexible packaging formats—including quad-seal, pillow and bottom-gusseted stand-up pouches.

The new Track & Trace System from Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P. was developed for serializing pharmaceutical products with 2D (two-dimensional) barcodes, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology or customized codes to prevent counterfeiting and ensure that every step of the packaging process can be verified at a later stage, according to the company. Instead of merely meeting compliance requirements for the identification of the smallest unit of sale—typically the carton or the bottle—the Track & Trace System goes one step further by identifying single blisters or individual bottles by applying a code with a unique serial number and other encoded data.


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