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Festo asks that you have a seat

Festo’s new VZXF angle seat valve ideal for controlling liquid or gaseous flows in closed and open operations.

February 24, 2016
Canadian Packaging

MISSISSAUGA, ON—Festo’s new VZXF heavy-duty angle seat valves for process automation perform equally well in controlling gaseous or liquid fluids in both closed and open operation.

This simple yet extremely sturdy poppet-style valve comes in brass or stainless steel casings to suit the requirements of the particular process. They can be mounted in any position and are compatible with Festo external control.

This 2/2-way valve series is particularly well suited for use with media such as vapor, high viscous fluids up to 600 mm2/s and slightly contaminated media. When it comes to water hammering, which can result in premature wear of both valve and other components, the VZXF is aptly suitable to handle these effects.

The VZXF comes in two versions: either closing in the direction of media flow for gaseous substances, or closing against the media flow for fluids, drastically reducing the water hammer effect.

There are a large number of VZXF variants and configuration options, covering a wide range of different media pressures and operating conditions.

For example, variants are available that offer high corrosion resistance, explosion protection, and more. The stainless steel variant provides high thermal resistance.

There is a PWIS-free variant for use in production areas where paint-wetting impairment must be avoided at all costs, and a vacuum version suitable for packaging machines, which need to generate a vacuum.

Festo is a global leader in automation technology, and the world market leader in industrial training and education. Festo’s pneumatic and electric drive technology stands for innovation in industrial and process automation—from individual products to ready-to-install solutions. Festo’s hallmarks include a global presence and improving customer productivity through close, long-term partnerships. With 17,800 employees worldwide in 61 national companies, Festo’s turnover for 2014 was €2.45 billion (~CDN $3.73-billion).

Information on this and other great Festo products may be found at

Image above: courtesy of Festo.

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