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Eliminate Reading Errors with Keyence Barcode Reading System

By Keyence   

The SR-5000 is the most capable barcode reading system on the market today. Equipped with a 16.8 megapixel camera and ultra-wide FoV lens, the SR-5000 series reads every barcode in its path.

Logistics Systems Transport Many Goods

The increase in online shopping has increased the amount of goods that must be transported. People work hard to shave even a second off the time required by logistics lines, and this leads to problems.

  1. Reading errors occur due to wear and bleeding caused by the weather as well as loading and transportation operations.
  2. Limited processing capability prevents further increases to the logistics line speed.
  3. The diversification of packages makes it difficult to handle various sizes.
  4. Further optimization and cost reduction are not possible.

Optimizing and reducing the costs of logistics lines allows for the transportation of more goods, but where do you start to solve the problems?

Is the code reader the bottleneck?

Many of our customers have told us the major problem with logistics lines is reading errors caused by wear and bleeding. Code reader errors not only lead to manual work but also make it necessary to put goods back on the line. How accurate is the scanning provided by your code readers?

Assume that the reading rate of a code reader is increased from 99% to 99.9%. If 1200 products caused errors in a day on a production line, that number is reduced to just 120, eliminating this bottleneck. Poor printing environments and exposure to bad weather may lead to difficult-to-read barcodes due to problems including wear, bleeding, wrinkles, and tearing. Reading errors occur due to wear and bleeding. Errors must be dealt with, which requires personnel.

A code reader with excellent throughput that can scan codes with wear or bleeding. The SR-5000 has been researched and developed to meet the needs of logistics worksites. It has a greatly improved reading rate thanks to technology that handles hard-to-read codes with wear and bleeding. Codes can be read even if they are wrinkled, torn, or covered in film. Less work and personnel are required to handle errors. The logistics line reading stress is eliminated, which increases the throughput.

Examples of the SR-5000 code reader on logistics lines

  • Automated packing machine and reading through film. Errors often occur when reading the barcodes on shrink-wrapped products due to glossiness and wrinkles. The SR-5000 allows these codes to be read with sharp images.
  • Pallet and case reading in automatic warehousing. Errors occur when barcodes affixed to pallets and cases are worn. The SR-5000 reads these codes by eliminating noise.
  • Reading moving luggage of different sizes. Paper barcodes are prone to wrinkling and wear, which cause troublesome errors that must be handled. The SR-5000 can read these codes without problems.
  • Batch reading during forklift transportation. Packages stored outside may be exposed to rain, which causes their barcodes to bleed. The SR-5000 reads these codes with its proprietary algorithm.

Same-day shipping of free trial units and replacement units

Trial units can be installed on the line before actual deployment. Contact KEYENCE even if you just want to carry out a test. Our same-day support provides peace of mind even in the event of emergencies and sudden specification changes. Start by testing the technology with a free trial.

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