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EFI Announces First Of Its Kind Digital Printer For Flexible Packaging

September 1, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

EFI, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation located in Foster City, CA, is claiming it is the first company to introduce a digital  inkjet label printing system with full LED UV curing technology for printing on flexible packaging materials.

EFI’s Jetrion 4830LED UV Inkjet System and a newly-developed, flexible ink set allows printing on unsupported and heat sensitive materials, including shrink sleeve, opening up new opportunities for label converters in the flexible packaging market. Current and future Jetrion 4830 users can fully upgrade their presses to utilize the flexible ink set by retrofitting their systems with the new LED lamp technology.
The low heat and targeted wavelength benefits of LEDs allow full UV ink curing on heat sensitive and other flexible packaging materials that were previously unsupported with traditional UV-curing methods. Unlike other digital printing systems, there is also no need to pre-coat or pattern-coat flexible substrates when using the new 4830LED system.

Dr. Kenneth Stack, Jetrion’s senior vice-president and general manager says, “The system was designed to expand short-run printing opportunities beyond traditional label stock to a broader range of flexible packaging materials supported only by UV LED curing technology. And in keeping with our commitment to providing our customers with a clear technology migration path, the new flexible ink set and LED lamp technology can be retrofitted on any existing Jetrion 4830, eliminating customer concerns about digital obsolescence.”
The Jetrion 4830LED uses a new flexible ink set that produces durable, shrinkable and flexible, and peel-resistant images. “The development of our flexible UV LED-curing inks demonstrates EFI Jetrion’s ongoing core competency in ink design, formulation and manufacture. We’re committed to bringing innovative ink solutions to market as a result of customer requirements and changes in market dynamics,” continues Dr. Stack.
The Jetrion 4830LED is a full color digital label press that handles web widths of up to 229mm (nine-inches) and prints up to 210 mm (8.3-in.) wide. With its grayscale printing capability and speeds of up to 37 meters per minute (120 feet per minute), the Jetrion 4830LED is ideal for meeting the most demanding labeling and flexible packaging production and image quality requirements.
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