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Eagle Packaging Machinery Offers Solution For Showcase Trays

December 9, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Eagle Packaging Machinery of Miami, Florida has recently developed a tray erector, the Vassoyo Air, for showcase trays.

To successfully erect a showcase tray Eagle had to develop a method to form double walled side panels and a triple wall end panel from a flat corrugated blank so the tray remains strong and durable.

Achieved by folding the tuck in panels 90 degrees before the blank is moved through feed rollers where glue is applied to all four panels, the vertical panel is then folded over and flattened against the side panels. The blank is pushed through the forming section of the Vassoyo Air where the last flaps are folded into place and the showcase tray is complete.

The Vassoyo Air for showcase trays forms cartons from 6- to 11-inches deep at speeds up to 20 trays per minute and is designed with quick change over features, Omron controls and a Nordson ProBlue glue system.

For more information please contact call 514-422-0808 or visit the company Web-site at