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Automation Conveying Robotics Modsort Regal-Beloit Corporation

The new Modsort can accelerate or decelerate objects

Developed as a highly effective product transfer and diverting solution for high-speed operation in e-commerce distribution environments, the new Modsort modular roller top transfer and diverting station from Regal Beloit Corporation incorporates an innovative matrix of freely rotating balls embedded into a continuous flat belt to enable the rolling top belt station to divert and transfer products of virtually any type, size or shape on motorized conveyor lines by using precise, controlled and impact-free motion. Unlike traditional unidirectional horizontal conveyor rollers, the rotating spheres make use of all 360 degrees of potential motion to convey packaging in any direction, while the modular roller top transfer and diverting station leverages motion control, rather than brute force, to divert objects to their intended destination. With no auxiliary diverting equipment, the diverting station’s multipurpose, modular design allows it to be positioned wherever and wherever it’s needed within conveyors to facilitate smooth and precise packaging positioning control to minimize impact on the moving packaging, while the roller top belt embeds a uniform array of independent, one-inch, on-center spheres on the surface of a continuous, low-profile, gap-free interlocking plastic belt to facilitate free-flowing movement of all types of packaging: from standard cartons to small boxes, to soft polybags and flat envelopes. By using the motorized belts in different configurations and controlling their relative speeds, the modular roller top belt provides precise motion control, regardless of the size, shape or composition of the product. As a result, it can accelerate or decelerate objects, move any object to an angle vector at a given speed, re-orient moving packages, or simply stop and rotate a product into a specific orientation. Available as turnkey units for new lines, or as a retrofit to replace existing systems, the modular roller top belts are made of interlinked and rugged blue acetyl, while the embedded spheres made from tough and wear-resistant Polyamide to provide high belt strength combined with low friction at a much lower weight than metal components—resulting in significantly lower energy consumption requirements.


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