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Doubling up for twice the fun

The YuMi robot made an appearance at 2018 PACK Expo in Chicago.

November 23, 2018
Canadian Packaging

Hailed as the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, the dual-arm YuMi robot from ABB Robotics is designed for working to work collaboratively on the same tasks with humans, while still ensuring the safety of those around it. Originally designed specifically to meet the flexible and agile production needs of the consumer electronics industry, the dual-arm YuMi is equally effective in any any small parts assembly
environment—including packaging assembly—thanks to its dual arms, flexible hands, universal parts feeding system, camera-based part location, lead-through programming, and state-of-the-art precise motion control. “YuMi makes collaboration between humans and robots a reality,” said ABB chief executive officer Ulrich Spiesshofer. “It is the result of years of research and development, and it will change the way humans and robots interact.” The YuMi cobot’s inherently safe design employs a lightweight, yet rigid magnesium skeleton covered with a floating plastic casing wrapped in soft padding to absorb impacts, and the robot’s compact, human-like dimensions and human movements make their human coworkers feel safe and comfortable around it. If YuMi senses an unexpected impact, such as a collision with a co-worker, it can pause its motion within milliseconds, and the motion can be restarted again as easily as pressing play on a remote control. Moreover, the YuMi robot has no pinch points, so that nothing sensitive can be harmed as the axes open and close. According to ABB, “The YuMi robot is an important element of our ‘Internet of Things, Services and People’ strategy of creating an automated future together.”

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