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Domino’s high fiber laser diet

Fiber lasers from Domino deliver high-precision marking in the packaging sector.

March 12, 2015   Canadian Packaging

The F220i fiber scribing laser (see image above) is the latest addition to Domino’s i-Tech laser family, alongside the D-Series i-Tech 15.

The F220i system features enhanced beam quality for precision marking and sharper contrast which is particularly suited to marking metals, plastics and flexible packaging.  Contrast is significantly improved through its unique waveform which can be tailored to suit the substrate.

The fiber laser high pulse power makes light work of engraving metals or cutting and micro processing harder materials, yet it is able to mark more delicate substrates, particularly materials susceptible to fractures, such as those prevalent in aerospace applications. This extends its coding and marking capabilities beyond food, beverage, personal care and life sciences, into the automotive, construction and electronics sectors.

The flexible i-Tech scan head can be rotated in multiple directions and its compact size makes it very easy to integrate into production lines. The F220i is equally at home for static and on the fly marking and is able to mark unlimited lines in any direction, in a wide variety of font sizes, in both low and high production line speeds.

Additional benefits include F220i’s performance record—low maintenance, high uptime and high reliability, with a long life span of the laser—up to approximately 100,000 hours.

Also available from the CO2 laser range is the D-Series i-Tech 15. Its exceptional code quality is capable of larger mark field applications, such as coding on large web applications. It is capable of marking a field size up to 40 percent larger than other industry lasers, which would previously have required two or three lasers.

The i-Tech 15 is particularly pertinent to the food sector and can be used to code, for example, stick packs or sachets, for dried or liquid foodstuffs, prior to being wrapped.

Domino’s laser ranges—the F-Series and the D-Series i-Tech—can be managed via an intuitive remote TouchPanel or a web-based interface from any computer desktop.  Featuring Domino’s simplified user interface QuickStep ensures effortless control and status reporting.

Domino is the leading business within Domino Printing Sciences plc. Founded in 1978, the company has established a global reputation for the development and manufacture of coding, marking and printing technologies, as well as its worldwide aftermarket products and customer services.

Nowadays, Domino offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of complete end to end coding solutions spanning primary, secondary and tertiary applications designed to satisfy the compliance and productivity requirements of manufacturers. These include innovative ink jet, laser, print & apply and thermal transfer overprinting technologies that are deployed for the application of variable and authentication data, bar codes and unique traceability codes onto product and packaging, across many industrial sectors, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial products.

Domino’s continued growth is underpinned by an unrivaled commitment to product development.  In 2012, Domino was awarded the Queen’s Award for Continuous Achievement in International Trade.

Domino Printing Sciences plc achieved a turnover of £350 million (CDN $470-million) in the financial year 2013/14.  The Domino Group employs 2,300 people worldwide and sells to more than 120 countries through a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and more than 200 distributors. Domino’s manufacturing facilities are situated in China, Germany, India, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.

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