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Credo Cube For Thermal Transport

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Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS) has recently revealed its latest innovation for shipping of temperature sensitive medical—the Credo Cube.

With customizable wall dimensions, the Credo Cube was conceived to offer greater flexibility in transport packaging and is suited to the varying packaging designs of the pharmaceutical and related industries. Its modular construction allows for a container perfectly sized for its contents, thus saving on both shipping costs and packing time.

Like other products developed by MTS, the Credo Cube utilizes a unique thermal isolation chamber (TIC) that fully surrounds the payload, offering greater temperature performance and overall payload protection.

The latest generation in the Credo line is an enhancement made possible via six interchangeable walls, providing unparalleled performance and flexibility. The modular walls stack easily into standard freezers for pre-conditioning, and precision-formed beveled edges ensure a tight thermal seal. The Credo Cube’s innovative design is ideal for shipping, through its easy and economical assembly, preparation and storage.

The Credo Cube containers are available in a range of sizes from 127 cubic inches (2L) to 5,800 cubic inches (95L), with phase-change materials specifically formulated for the unique needs of diverse medical materials, from super-frozen tissue to room-temperature vaccines and pharmaceuticals. And, they are re-usable, too.

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