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Conveyorized scale takes on difficult products

New C-Series conveyorized scale from WeighPack great for non-free flowing or delicate products.

May 1, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

For companies having difficulty weighing and filling non-flowing or delicate product, the C-Series conveyorized scale from WeighPack Systems has the solution.

The C-Series is great for products like fresh chicken breast, cut fruit, cubed ham, coleslaw and cooked noodles that are almost impossible to weigh on traditional vibratory scales.

The scale is designed specifically for both non free flowing and delicate products ranging from one-oz (28 grams) to 50 lbs. (20kg) and available in one or two lane (head) configurations based on production requirements.

Using transfer conveyors as opposed to traditional vibratory pans ensures that the products is gently handled and transferred into the weigh bucket. Its open frame construction is design for clean-ability and service-ability.

All contact parts including the hopper, conveyors, weigh bucket and funnel include tool-less quick disconnects for fast disassembly and removal that significantly reduces downtime for cleaning and product changeover.

WeighPack designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of weighing, bagging, and conveying machines. For more information, visit

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