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Loose vegetable banding system available from Banding Systems

At the local grocery store, it is not an uncommon sight to see loose vegetables, unbranded and bundled merely using an elastic band.


Simply put, in the past it has proven to be difficult to cost-efficiently label loose products and provide the best product information to the consumer.

But all that has changed thanks to the new Bandall Systems Veg Bander, that can brand, and bundle loose vegetables quickly while providing it with a product that easily stands out on the retail store shelf.

The Bandall Veg Bander had originally been developed just to bundle bananas, but an inquisitive marketing manager for an Italian produce company decided to brand and bundle his spring onions, leeks, parsley, and other non-packaged vegetables. And he did. Very successfully.

As a proven success, the Bandall Veg Bander gives marketing teams the opportunity to brand their product with the information that the consumer wants to see when selecting their products.

Best before date, origin data, UPC codes, are all now possible with the new Veg Bander, and even printing recipes and company stories on the inside of the band to increase its value add to the customer.

See the video below, showing the Bandall Systems Veg Bander in action:

Banding Systems will provide full band mock-ups to show your team, and have many demo machines in circulation around North America to test its banding program in your facilities.

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