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Automation Printing AstroNova Inc Kiaro! series QL-120 QuickLabel

The Kiaro! series QL-120 digital label printer delivers enhanced print quality, performance and reliability.

The new Kiaro! series QL-120 digital label printer from the QuickLabel business unit of AstroNova, Inc. combines high resolution of up to 1,200-dpi with the industry’s fastest print speeds to provide smaller business owners a powerful tool to produce professional-quality color labels inhouse and on-demand, at a fraction of the cost and time of outsourcing. Built on AstroNova’s proven industry-leading Kiaro! digital color label printing technology, the second-generation new QL-120 delivers enhanced print quality, performance and reliability, according to the company, along with 50-per cent higher speed compared to the original models. Offering ability to print narrow widths as small as 12.7-mm, seamless networking capabilities, extended printhead life and color range, and ability to print on a wide variety of labeling materials, the high-resolution printer ensures that even the smallest font sizes and images look crisp by optimizing superior color management capabilities to generate brilliant, true-to-life images.


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