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Coke offers color-changing cans

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Coca-Cola Canada has released new, summer-ready, color-changing cans that let you know when it's chilled to perfection.

Launched in June 2011, Coca-Cola Canada is offering color-changing cans featuring a thermosensitive ink that lets the consumer know when the Coke is chilled to perfection.

Denis Ferlatte, marketing manager for the brand in Quebec, explains the idea behind this container—a first for Coca-Cola in Canada: “The summer season is very important for both the soft drink and beer industries. We need to stand out and innovate to grab consumers’ attention and interest. Moreover, summer, with its warm and sunny weather, is the time to focus on the refreshing aspect of our product. So we came up with this new can.”

When asked about other beverages in other categories using similar technology, Ferlatte said “Yes, Coors Light also uses thermosensitive ink, but we are neither in the same category or targeting the same clientele, so we’re not worried about the comparison.”

Only the 355 ml cans offer the feature where their icon – a white classic Coke bottle – turns red when the liquid reaches eight degrees Celsius. The cans also have new packaging featuring six summer-centric designs and are only available until Labour Day.

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