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Cognex Checker Vision Sensors – Now with Gauging Verification

March 16, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

The Checker 200 series are all-in-one vision sensors that can inspect unlimited multiple part features simultaneously. The Checker is able to inspect over 6,000 parts per minute with built-in lighting and a variable working distance, all in a package small enough to fit just about anywhere.

The award-winning model 252 brings measurement verification to a new level of simplicity. With a single click, the innovative Checker caliper appears on the application setup screen. The image of a traditional vernier caliper automatically locks onto the edges of the feature to be measured, sets the minimum and maximum thresholds and learns edge polarity. This results in simple, reliable, pass/fail results.

The Checker 252 can be used to verify a wide array of measurements, including:

•    double feeds
•    hole diameter
•    safety tabs
•    glue bead thickness

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