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The end of summer is always tinged with a touch of sadness and regret, but thanks to some record-breaking summer heat in eastern Canada and some outstanding world-class events, the summer of 2010 will not be one that is soon forgotten—thanks in part to some unforgettable new consumer packaging that has left a long-lasting impression in this corner.

For a full a month, fervent soccer fans and bandwagoners alike gathered around television screens to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa—with big-time international brands sparing no expense to declare their official ‘partner status’ throughout the gripping tournament. Here in Canada, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company did a great job capitalizing on the fever pitch with its own special collectors’ edition Coca-Cola packaging. Offered exclusively in the Classic Coke flavor, with no Diet Coke option, the 400-ml plastic bottle is in fact a nine-centimeter-diameter round sphere topped off with the traditional bottle cap, standing 12-cm-tall and virtually jumping off the shelf with a red-and-white soccer patchwork providing fitting background for the iconic Coca-Cola logo on a red dial. Graphics of outstretched cheering hands, shooting stars and soccer balls complete this colorful display of festive event packaging, despite the fact that the container’s round shape makes it rather cumbersome to hold for drinking. This is definitely one of those cases where aesthetics trumps functionality hands down.

For a life-long technophile and a self-professed Apple enthusiast, the recent launch of the company’s long-awaited iPhone 4 was arguably the past summer’s true crowning moment—despite a 16-hour wait in a line-up that started forming outside a local Apple store at 4:30 a.m. While the product itself has ‘hit’ written all over it, the ingeniously compact packaging—measuring a mere 7.5x13x5 cm—deserves its own special praise, with the simple partial image of the device on a black background setting off nicely from the pristine white sides bearing minimalist silver embossing of the Apple logo and the product name iPhone 4. Just open the lid, and the slim new device appears cradled inside a white formed plastic tray—just begging to be picked up to reveal the user manual, cable, power adapter and earphones all tucked efficiently into their little spaces just underneath the new phone.


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