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Burger Buddy, Launching on Kickstarter, Keeps Juicy Burgers and Messy Foods off Clothes

Enjoy burgers, bagels, sandwiches, and more mess-free with Burger Buddy. This hygienic, eco-friendly solution keeps sandwiches intact and off of laps, and germs off of food.

October 20, 2020   by Command Partners

LONDON — Ditch the mess and keep favorite foods germ-free and off of clothing with Burger Buddy, the hygienic, environmentally-friendly food holder that launched today on Kickstarter.

Some of the most beloved foods are also the messiest. From burgers piled high with toppings to sloppy joes, or bagels oozing with a cream cheese schmear, those toppings can end up adorning shirts and pants if people aren’t careful. To combat the mess, stacks of napkins are a go-to solution, but they aren’t environmentally friendly.

Burger Buddy is the solution for enjoying – not wearing – some of life’s messiest meals. By placing the juicy, topping-filled burger inside the expandable gusset, the corrugated material compresses to hold the sandwich inside, keeping the toppings from falling out of the bottom. It also provides a paper-free barrier between the food and germy hands.

“I created Burger Buddy after my quest for the ultimate burger in London ended with a lot of stained outfits and messy hands,” said Ismail Miah, creator of Burger Buddy. “Burger Buddy is the ideal solution for messy eaters, parents of messy eaters, or anyone who wants to use fewer napkins to enjoy some of their favorite messy foods.”

Burger Buddy isn’t just for those afraid of messy meals. People with disabilities, or those who Burger Buddy is dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free silicone. Its patent-pending design features a u-shaped notch that exposes the center of the food while providing adequate coverage to contain it. It’s flexible, so food is pushed up from the bottom making every bite as clean as the first. Burger Buddy is available in premium grey, majestic pink, sunset orange, and ocean blue and can be pre-ordered by visiting

About Burger Buddy
Burger Buddy was founded by two friends who love eating burgers. As university students, they would often set out in search of the ultimate burger. Their search was delicious, but also messy. Burger Buddy was created out of their own desire to enjoy messy foods without wearing them later. For more information, visit

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