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British Columbia’s Glenmore shines even brighter 
after Eagle certification course

Vancouver print and packaging service provider commits both
executive and production teams to advanced cold foil class. Also, read a feature story on Glenmore and Eagle in the September issue of Canadian Packaging.

September 8, 2016
by Canadian Packaging staff

VANCOUVER—Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, announced on September 7, 2016 that Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging of Vancouver, B.C. has successfully completed its Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course (ECFC).

The comprehensive eight-hour program is not only geared towards improving production understanding and techniques of press operators, but incorporates the executive management level, ensuring that each Eagle Cold Foil user garners both higher quality and greater ROI (return on investment).

“We first installed our Eagle Cold Foil systems in June 2015 and it has lived up to every promise made by Eagle president Mike King. We’ve learned to not only respect Mike, but to trust him. When he suggested the class for our operation, we knew we would reap significant benefits,” notes Glenmore operations manager Stefan Congram. See above for photo of the Eagle Systems Eco-Eagle Cold Foil CFM102-16K system.

Congram, a 15-year veteran of the commercial printing industry and the past eight years with Glenmore knows quality when he sees it.

“I come from quality operations and I know the difference between good-enough and customer-ecstatic quality. Eagle has not only made cold foil extremely successful in our production operation, but after only a year, has made it a critical component.
“In mid-July, Eagle conducted the ECFC at our Vancouver facility. It’s an understatement to say it’s thorough, but more importantly it’s effective. The press staffers now have an in-depth working knowledge and understanding of the cold foil process. Not just the what’s, as in what to do, but the why’s and how’s,” says Congram.

He sums up: “Our people are now as dialed in as our system is. We are reaping the rewards every single shift with faster make-readies and noticeable quality jumps. The class, as promised by Mike, was well worth the investment in time and resources. Eagle continues to prove that they’re indeed one manufacturer that cares enough to ensure we’re maximizing our capabilities and ROI with their system.”

About the Course
The course is conducted at the user’s production facility to ensure all real-world factors and influences are incorporated. Eagle has designed a unique test form, designed for failure, to run off each applicant’s system. The press is then finite-tweaked to maximize performance out of each operation’s adhesives, foils and blankets. One of the end results is the elimination of former process obstacles, such as pin-holing and mud cracking. Regardless of the previous experience level, the ECFC will yield significant business and Cold Foil performance advancements.

About Glenmore
Founded by Glenn Rowley in 1981, Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging has evolved from a one-man shop to an energetic industry leader of more than 90 employees in just under 35 years. The firm prides itself upon growing into one of the most prominent printing and packaging companies in all of western Canada. Bound to its faithful clients (some loyal for more 30 years), Glenmore is always eager to cement their relationships by blending a youthful passion with an aggressive desire to say “Yes” to the client. Offering a broad range of services (including conventional, UV, offset, digital and wide format printing, as well as pre- and post-press aptitudes), the family owned and operated company has advanced into a second generation phase under the managerial leadership of the founder’s son James Rowley. Since 2006, Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging has been consistently listed as one of the top 100 commercial printers in Canada. More information at

About Eagle Systems

For more than 25 years, Eagle Systems has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of foil application and print enhancement equipment. With hundreds of installations around the world, the Eagle Systems brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and state of the art innovation. Since founding the company, Mike King, CEO/President and inventor of all Eagle Systems products, has specialized in the use of foil in printing. Once again Mike has demonstrated his dominance in this arena since the company first rolled out a new line of foil systems – the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil and the Eco-Eagle Cast and Cure systems.
Completely manufactured, assembled and tested at its new plant in Ocean,  New Jersey, the Eco-Eagle systems are installed and in production within five days. Using advanced technology and the power of the internet, the highly automated Eco-Eagle Systems reduce foil costs, run smoothly and foil dust free without operator intervention. For more information about Eagle Systems products, go to

Also, make sure you check out the superb feature and cover story on Glenmore and its success with Eagle Systems in the September 2016 edition of Canadian Packaging magazine.

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