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Braille Embossing On Pharma Packaging Now Practical

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General Rapid Braille Module Roberts PolyPro

Developed by Roberts PolyPro Inc. of Charlotte. NC, a division of Pro Mach and a leader in making consumer packages easier to carry, pour, and use, comes the Rapid Braille Module that according to the manufacturer makes Braille embossing on pharmaceutical packages more practical.
The carton feeding/rotary Braille embossing system is compatible with all folding-gluing machine, and runs at speeds up to 1,500 feet (457.2 meters) per minute.

Other features, include:
changeover of Braille embossing plates takes only minutes;
the accuracy of the embossing process is +/- 1/16 inch (1.5 mm);
the module is portable and at 4 feet (1.22 meters) square offers an exceedingly small footprint.

In 2010, European packages containing pharmaceuticals must have Braille embossing to identify the carton’s contents. This mandate is spurring other countries and pharmaceutical companies to adopt Braille embossing. For the past year, Roberts PolyPro has been developing the Rapid Braille Module as a fast, cost effective, and accurate Braille embossing system that can be applied by every pharmaceutical company and contract packager.

Setting up Braille embossing on a carton die-cutter take time, and raises accuracy problems. And while new folding-gluing machines can be specified with Braille systems, the cost of some of these new machines can be prohibitively high.

Roberts PolyPro’s Rapid Braille Module is priced at a fraction of these new golder-gluers, and because it is compatible with all existing folder gluers, it means a lower cost and overall less equipment needed to add Braille capabilities to existing packaging lines.

For more information, call Roberts PolyPro 1-800-269-7409 or e-mail or visit the Web-site at


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