Canadian Packaging

Bottled Water Gets Facelift

September 29, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Water may be just water to some, but a dash of packaging design flair can make it a real one-of-a-kind beverage experience—as Nestlé Waters Canada (NWC) has just done with its iconic S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water brand a few a weeks ago.
Created by the renowned Italian design agency Missoni, the special-edition one-liter glass bottles of the venerable S.Pellegrino mineral water brand, which dates back as far as 12th Century, have been reserved exclusively for sale at fine restaurants and other upper-end dining establishment across Canada since early September for a limited time, according to its Puslinsch, Ont.-based Canadian brand-owner NWC, which
commissioned the redesign as part of the brand’s international Italian Talents marketing campaign.
Available in four colors, the new special-edition bottle also marks the first time in more than 100 years that the S.Pellegrino label has been altered, according to the NWC senior marketing manager M.J. Somerville.
“The goal of this initiative was to create synergies, by involving S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water with Italian companies of international renown that express Italian culture and style, while showcasing the brand’s unique characteristics,” Somerville says.
“Clothing a bottle and exteriorizing the tones, reflections and nuances that the light creates on the water’s surface was a task we assigned to ourselves to give shape to our interpretation of S.Pellegrino—an object capable of evoking and amplifying water’s characteristics of freshness, transparency and radiance through our distinctive zigzag motif,” explains Angela Missoni, creative director for the famed Venice-based fashion house Missoni.
“Our approach has been about making an intervention aimed at exceeding the confines of a simple marketing operation,” Missoni adds. “We have not invented anything new; we simply tried to convey an experience and taste in things in our most fluid and congenial manner.”