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Berry Plastics container liners offer optimal bulk transport and storage solutions

Berry Plastic's Dribulk liners provides more container space with minimal cleaning requirements.

January 10, 2013
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Evansville, Ind.—Berry Plastics Group, Inc., a leading global manufacturer and marketer of value-added plastic packaging and engineered materials, has a new addition to its Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) product line—DriBulk Container Liners.

According to Berry, the new DriBulk Container Liners offer an easy, economical and efficient solution for storing, shipping and transporting dry bulk goods for a variety of industries, including agriculture, minerals, chemicals, food and more.

“As one of North America’s largest FIBC manufacturers, we believe Berry Plastics has set the global standard for top-quality flexible intermediate bulk containers,” explains Ernie Giordano, director of sales and marketing for Berry Plastics’ FIBC Group. “We are very excited to introduce DriBulk Container Liners which will serve as an innovative solution to assist our customers with maximizing their efficiencies.”

“DriBulk Container Liners are inserted into and secured in an empty trailer, allowing the transporter to directly load the product to maximize container space,” adds Giordano. “As we like to explain, there are super sacks, and then there are SUPER SACKS. DriBulk Container Liners allow you to place a truckload of dry bulk goods, such as agricultural items, chemicals, minerals, foods, plastics, and more, into one ‘super sack,’ protecting the load and minimizing post delivery trailer cleaning.”

Available in standard 20-foot and 40-foot container sizes, DriBulk Container Liners can also be made in custom dimensions.

With optional features including industrial fasteners, buckles, closures, and top- or side-spouts, DriBulk Container Liners can be customized in endless ways to suit the needs of virtually any application.

“DriBulk Container Liners are manufactured in our Atlacomulco, Mexico, facility that maintains both ISO and AIB certifications,” Giordano adds. “So you can trust that the solutions we offer meet key industry standards.”

DriBulk Container Liners are an intermediate bulk packaging solution for shipments by land or sea and are suitable for such products as: sugar, grains, dry chemicals, minerals, dry resins and plastics—all while offering ease and convenience to optimize storage and transportation.

For more information, visit or call the Berry Plastics’ sales and technical team at 1-800-291-0192.