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Bemis Clysar intros new printed shrink film

Bemis Clysar introduces single-source printed polyolefin shrink film for multi-packs and bundled items to save packaging material and cost and increase brand appeal.

January 6, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Brands can now get premium-quality Clysar polyolefin shrink film printed with high-impact, 360-degree graphics for multi-packs and bundled items through Bemis Clysar and its distributors.

Strong enough to replace wrapped paperboard trays or paperboard sleeves, Clysar  printed shrink film delivers a more production-friendly, sustainable solution than traditional multi-pack formats. Colorful, attractive Clysar printed shrink film is ideal for a wide range of multi-packs and bundled goods including juice minis, wipes canisters, personal care products, automotive supplies and promotional “buy one, get one free” products.

“Printing polyolefin shrink film poses a unique set of challenges due to the thin gauge and balanced shrink characteristics of the film,” says Clysar marketing manager Vicki Larson. “That’s why Clysar and our distributors now offer a single-source, managed process to help brands maneuver the intricacies of designing, printing and packaging multi-packs in printed shrink film. We’re making it easy and fast to enjoy the productivity, sustainability, cost and aesthetic advantages this packaging format delivers.”

Multi-pack operations utilizing printed shrink film can be fully automated, eliminating the hand assembly and slow speeds of many traditional packaging operations. Replacing traditional multi-component tray, film and label packaging with printed shrink film saves up to 69 per cent in material and offers sustainability improvements throughout the package’s life. Examples include fewer fossil fuels for production and transport; lower CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions; and less packaging waste. Material savings also contribute significantly to cost reduction.

According to Bemis Clysar, in addition to material savings, printed shrink film addresses hidden-cost challenges. For example, it can completely conceal pre-labeled products, so it solves practical challenges of masking UPC and product codes; overcomes product alignment issues; and allows a wide variety of co-branding and bundling using existing product SKUs (stock-keeping units).

The colorful graphic coverage also gives brand marketers added promotional firepower. Flexo printed in up to eight colors, printed shrink film can mirror existing trade dress; highlight offers; target offers to specific demographics; provide account-specific programs; or create seasonal packaging. Shelf appeal can also be realized thanks to vibrant graphics and crisp package cleanup. The 360-degree wrap allows added space for marketing messages and eliminates the open “bullet” ends of the package typical with polyethylene shrink films.

About Clysar

Established in 1963, Clysar is a division of Bemis Company, Inc. Headquartered in Oshkosh, WI, the company manufactures high-performance polyolefin films for a wide variety of packaging applications. Its product line of industry-leading films includes LTC (Lowest Total Cost) films; PLAnet corn-based film; and ShrinkBox corrugate-replacement film. The firm has over 400 employees at locations in Clinton, Iowa, and Oshkosh. For more information about Bemis Clysar, visit

About Bemis Company

Bemis Company is a major supplier of flexible packaging and pressure sensitive materials used by leading food, consumer products, healthcare and other companies worldwide. Founded in 1858, the company reported 2010 net sales of $4.8 billion. Its flexible packaging business has a strong technical base in polymer chemistry, film extrusion, coating and laminating, printing and converting. Headquartered in Neenah, WI, Bemis employs over 20,000 individuals worldwide. More information is available at

For more information and recommended applications for Clysar printed shrink film, call
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