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Beiersdorf Selects Sabic Certified Renewable Polypropylene for New Nivea Packaging

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The new NIVEA packaging will be phased in at point-of-sale outlets worldwide from June 2021 onwards.

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, has announced that Beiersdorf will innovate the packaging of its NIVEA Naturally Good range of face creams using SABIC’s certified renewable polypropylene.

SABIC’s bio-based polypropylene (PP) resin, part of its TRUCIRCLE portfolio, is expected to be used for producing the jars of NIVEA Naturally Good day and night face creams.

The new NIVEA packaging will be phased in at point-of-sale outlets worldwide from June 2021 onwards and makes a major contribution to help Beiersdorf reduce its use of fossil-based virgin PP.

The new sustainable NIVEA jars play into the Sustainability Agenda CARE BEYOND SKIN, by which the company is targeting a significant reduction of its carbon emissions and environmental footprint. The agenda has set three major packaging goals to be achieved by 2025 as compared to 2019: make all of the group’s packaging 100-percent refillable, reusable or recyclable; increase the share of recycled materials in plastic packaging to 30 percent; and reduce the use of fossil-based virgin plastics by 50 percent.

Converting the packaging to renewable plastic not only has the advantage of conserving fossil resources, but also reduces CO2 emissions. According to Beiersdorf, approximately 76 g of CO2 are saved per jar produced, a reduction of around 60% compared to the fossil-based jar.

The certified products from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio are being produced through implementation of a mass balance accounting system. Mass balancing helps to trace the flow of materials along a complex supply chain, from the feedstock to the final product, by following predefined and transparent rules. These rules then define whether a product can be classified as renewable or circular.


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