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Balluff Simplifies Analog Device Integration with IO-Link

Having IO-Link onboard enhances diagnostic information available

June 28, 2019   Canadian Packaging

Balluff’s newest family of single channel, analog interface modules simplify configuration and integration of analog devices by interfacing with IO-Link. Because analog devices are widely used in factory automation controls architectures, these modules can save valuable time and resources.

Balluff is introducing four second-generation, single channel analog-to-IO-Link interface modules used to convert a variety of analog input data such as current, voltage, and RTD/thermocouple measurement to digital equivalent values. And having IO-Link onboard enhances diagnostic information available. The new modules are:

  • BNI00C9 – Analog input conversion of input data like current, voltage and RTDs
  • BNI00C7 – Analog input for temperature measurement sensors, Type J, Type K, or RTDs
  • BNI00C8 – Analog output module with voltage or current output configurations
  • BNI00C6 – Universal analog module, configure as either an analog input or analog output.

These modules further simplify installations by eliminating analog in-chassis interface boards and reducing additional analog network blocks. IO-Link lets you replace lengthy shielded cable runs with basic unshielded cables.

Key features include:

  • Single channel analog interface modules designed to simplify analog integration
  • Extended diagnostics available through IO-Link communication, such as measurement out of range
  • 18mm smooth barrel style inline design with IP67 protection rating in stainless steel housing
  • Condition monitoring data, such as ambient temperature and operating hours
  • User selectable resolution from 10 to 16 bits for digital values

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