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Balluff M18 Steel Face Sensors Increase Uptime in Harsh Environments

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Factor 1 Technology extends sensing range to 8mm, even when flush mounted

 To combat the pervasive problem of premature sensor failure in harsh welding and stamping applications, Balluff has expanded its family of rugged steel-faced inductive proximity sensors to include additional models in the popular M18 tubular form factor.

Compared to conventional plastic-faced sensors, the stainless steel sensing face fights failure from impact, abrasion, and erosion while new Factor 1 technology extends the sensing range to 8mm, even when flush-mounted in metal, for additional mechanical protection.

Factor 1 technology allows the sensor to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials at the same full range, a boon in cases where sensor de-rating for non-ferrous materials forces a reduction in the distance between sensor and target material, increasing the likelihood of damaging impacts. An important benefit of Balluff’s Factor 1 technology is true weld-field immunity, enabling sensor status to be continuously monitored even during a welding cycle.

Application-specific types are available with options such as anti-weld-spatter coating, and ferrous-selective and non-ferrous-selective variants.

All models come with a protection rating of IP68, assuring resistance to liquid ingress even when fully submerged for extended periods of time.

Key features include:

•             IP68 enclosure rating exceeds IP67 standards for liquid ingress protection
•             Stainless steel face withstands mechanical impact, abrasion, and weld spatter burn through
•             Factor 1 technology detects all metals at full range and weld-field immunity
•             Extended 8mm range of a non-flush sensor in a flush-mount design
•             Flush-mount design enables embedded mounting in the tooling for impact protection
•             Available ferrous-selective and non-ferrous-selective versions
•             Optional improved coating enhances protection against weld-spatter buildup


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