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Balluff introduces industry’s first CC-Link IE Field machine mount I/O blocks

Distributed modular controls architecture for Gigabit Networks.

June 28, 2016
by Canadian Packaging staff

FLORENCE, KY—Balluff Inc. is offering a new family of network solutions based on the Industry’s newest and fastest industrial Ethernet network—the CC-Link IE Field.

CC-Link IE is a gigabit (1GBPS) network for industrial automation. With its deterministic performance characteristics using token passing technology and high speed, CC-Link IE offers tremendous potential for applications in a multitude of industries.

“CC-Link IE realizes the next generation of industrial applications that require large bandwidth for data without compromising deterministic performance. We are proud to be the first in the industry to offer CLPA conformance tested and approved CC-Link IE Field network I/O modules,” states Balluff director of marketing Tom Rosenberg. “CC-Link IE Field modules enable our customers to utilize the benefits of distributed modular architecture in applications that were not possible before.”

Balluff’s CC-Link IE network portfolio consists of IP67 protection rated machine mount I/O devices and IO-Link masters. The distributed modular architecture utilizes IO-Link to enhance the controls architecture in a cost effective manner while integrating smart devices into the architecture. IO-Link is the first sensor-actuator communication standard specified in IEC61131-9 and utilizes standard M12 sensor cables for communication of process data, parameter data, and events on the same line.
“CC-Link IE Field devices combined with Balluff’s industry leading portfolio of IO-Link devices provides our customers the flexibility and modularity to build a wide variety of application specific architectures,” says Shishir Rege, marketing manager for networking at Balluff Inc.

“As an example, the CC-Link IE Field network module with eight IO-Link ports can host up to eight IO-Link smart devices including RFID (radio frequency identification), SmartLights, flow or measurement sensors, or analog I/O. Or the module could host up to 240 configurable discrete I/O points,” adds Rege.

With the addition of CC-Link IE into Balluff’s networking suite, Balluff can now offer its customers the same architectural scalability with CC-Link IE that it has been offering for other networks including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, and CC-Link.

Learn more about Balluff’s CC-Link IE Field I/O Blocks – HERE
Learn more about Balluff’s full IO-Link and Networking solutions:

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