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Axium's Robotic Order Picking Solution

May 4, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Axium Inc.’s MP900 Robotic Order Picking Solution.
Image courtesy of Axium Inc.

Axium Inc. a leading robotics solution provider based in Montreal, has announced its new robotic order picking solution–the MP900, a fully automated system for packing complete mixed load cases.

MP900 utilizes a series of robots, intelligent Cube-IQ project planning software and conveyors to custom-pack mixed product into various cases, boxes and/or totes.

Customer’s orders are analyzed and the correct container is then automatically released into the system. When the container is presented to the robot the Cube-IQ software tells the robot which products are to be placed in what position, allowing manufacturers to improve working conditions and reduce shipping costs and errors.

“Manually producing direct-to-customer mixed orders is time consuming and exposes employees to difficult working conditions,” says Robert Jodoin, president of Axium. “The MP900 system allows manufacturers to deliver custom mixed cases per the customer’s order while streamlining production and reducing packing errors.”

The number of robots used in a completed packing application depends on cycle time and the number of SKUs (stock-keeping units) being processed. A complete packing solution can include the ability to check tare (unladen weight) and final weights for quality control purposes, apply labels, provide case erecting and sealing and may include quality control and manual stations. As well, used or recycled packaging can be re-introduced into the system reducing the manufacturer new packaging inventory.

The MP900 system is ideal for applications in food, beverage and consumer goods distribution centers as well as third-party logistics centers.

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