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Automated Packaging Debuts Eco-Friendly Bag Film

December 16, 2008
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Streetsboro, OH-based Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability packaging systems, has introduced EarthAware, a new line of bag film materials that are more environmentally conscious than other polybag materials.

The company’s new biodegradable film is a strong, durable polyethylene-based product with a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation in nine months to five years, depending on exposure conditions. Material performance properties and shelf life remain intact, as biodegradation only occurs when in contact with other biodegrading material, such as the conditions found in landfills, home and commercial composting.

EarthAware biodegradable bags are available in clear, opaque, printed, plain, or with an optional green tint for customer awareness.

Additionally, the new EarthAware product line includes a film made entirely from recycled pre-consumer bags and film scrap. This recycled film is an opaque material that offers security, strength and excellent printing characteristics. EarthAware recycled bags are available in standard gray or optional green tint.

Both the biodegradable and recycled films come in every size and bag configuration already available for genuine Autobag bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch bags-in-a-box applications.

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