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Anti-theft packaging stays secure

Nobody likes shrinkage of profits—fight it with with Hop-Syn Synthetic Papers.

November 17, 2016   by Canadian Packaging staff

Retailers of all sizes are fighting “unknown shrinkage.” For companies like Walmart, theft is forcing them to claim significant losses of approximately $3 billion annually (one percent of its revenue.) To solve this challenge, retailers are using synthetic paper substrates to create more clever deterrents, while staying true to their sustainability initiatives.

From Lyndhurtst, NJ-based Hop Industries Corporation comes the durable Hop-Syn G2 and Hop-Syn XT synthetic paper grades, ideal for anti-theft product packaging.

The company says the papers are an ideal solution for manufacturers selling expensive merchandise over the counter where the packaging necessitates extra tear resistance to prevent it from being tampered with before purchasing.
The Hop-Syn G2 and Hop-Syn XT synthetic paper grades also eliminate the need for excessive packaging typically found with blister packaging and clamshell designs. In fact, retailers can stock up to 75 percent more products in a pegboard display when using Hop-Syn synthetic papers versus clamshells.

No More Tears
The Hop-Syn G2 grade is the heaviest gauge in the market today, according to Hop Industries, and the Hop-Syn XT grade boasts extreme tear resistance. Both grades offer a high dyne level and smooth matte finish that delivers excellent printability on both sides, so graphics can pop. Hop-Syn synthetic papers are environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable as a polypropylene plastic, under code #5.

Hop-Syn synthetic paper is easily die-cut without compromising its tear resistant properties, and can be used with hot-melt and PUR glues to create a permanent bond that makes any package more tamper resistant. Its clay-filled, single-layer construction is waterproof and UV-resistant from discoloring under direct sunlight preventing the printed image and text from warping, scuffing or fading during the packaging, shipping, and storage process.

Hop-Syn synthetic paper is an ideal substrate for anti-theft packaging because it has the look and feel of paper, but can withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions.

This allows the synthetic paper to be used for indoor and outdoor applications, where the quality of the printed image and packaging are not compromised. These are just some of the reasons why retailers use it for their packaging.

Hot & Cold
8033c92a82214e2ca96e4e423f36fefaSometimes anti-theft radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and other tracking tools are more effective when they are fully concealed.

In cases like this, manufacturers use the Hop-Syn XT paper, especially for its tear resistant qualities, to enclose, seal, and prevent RFID tracking devices from being detected.

Based on Hop-Syn’s unique composition of polypropylene and calcium carbonate, the Hop-Syn synthetic paper can withstand extreme temperatures from -40 F up to 220 F. It does not distort or warp during the hot melt gluing process, and its integrity also helps to protect the RFID tag and package throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Tamper-Resistant Solutions
Wristbands come in a range of shapes and sizes, and any hospital or concert-goer knows that once they go on, they stay on. The indestructible nature of the Hop-Syn synthetic paper makes wristbands one of the leading tamper-resistant options available. Similarly, the synthetic paper is also used for tamper-resistant labeling, expanded content labels, and stickers.

The Hop-Syn XT paper is available in thickness ranging from four- to 10-mil. It can be printed using multiple printing processes including offset, UV inkjet, flexography, screen and thermal transfer.

For more information about the Hop-Syn synthetic paper line call 1-800-524-0757 or visit

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