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An ad you can taste

Fanta unveils world's first tasteable ad.

March 12, 2013
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Fanta, part of the brand family of The Coca-Cola Company, has teamed up with Dubai-based brand agency OgilvyOne to create a tasteable print ad for the new Fanta Orange drink, believed to be the world’s first tasteable print ad.

Perhaps it has to be tasted to be believed, but the ad is inserted in a plastic sleeve and placed within a magazine where readers can simply remove the ad from the magazine, tear off a piece of the ad and pop it into their mouth to get a sample of what the new Fanta Orange drink tastes like.

See the You Tube video:

While paper is, technically speaking, already edible, it’s just not that tasty or fun to eat. Edible paper, on the other hand generally has a neutral flavor and texture and melts away on contact with moisture – like your saliva.

Made from rice and other starches, the edible paper is softer and more supple than regular paper.

Not rare to the food industry—especially for baked goods and confectionery goods—utilizing the concept within the advertising and packaging industry – not so common, as Fanta’s claim is not that it is the first edible ad, but rather the world’s first ‘tasteable’ ad.

Made from edible paper and printed with edible inks, this innovative advertisement is a bit of complicated work for all involved, as not only must the ad look good, but the paper and ink must also mimic the exact flavor of the Fanta Orange beverage.

On a related note, in December of 2012 in Brazil, the Bob’s burger chain began utilizing edible packaging, and invited its patrons to chow down on the burgers without even unwrapping them.

While there is now less package waste, one can’t help but wonder what the actual flavor of the edible paper wrap brings to the Bob’s burger.

Still, with the playful tagline: “Não dá pra controlar,” which translates from Portuguese to: “You have no control”, Bob’s is noting that its burgers are so good you can’t even wait to unwrap them.

You can watch a video of customers wolfing down on the burger and wrapping HERE.