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3M continues to introduce greener corrugated sealing tape

New sticky tape addresses ever-changing challenges of recycled corrugated materials.

October 30, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

CHICAGO—Known for its innovation and adhesive technologies, 3M continues to introduce tapes that solve sticky business situations—in particular those posed by recycled corrugate materials.

With the expansion of its portfolio of Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tapes, 3M is arming companies with the tape necessary to tackle the wide range of corrugate in the marketplace in a cost effective manner. The expanded line offers options for tape weight, backing strength and performance.

Designed specifically for use with recycled corrugated boxes (which are more difficult to seal because of shorter, flatter fibers and a less smooth surface area) 3M’s family of Scotch Recycled Corrugated Tapes have up to 10 times the tack of conventional box sealing tapes. As a result, the versatile, super-sticky tape will stick to most packaging material in use today.

According to 3M, the constant state of flux of packaging materials is due to the rapidly changing environmental standards, which force companies to continually seek new ways to reduce cost and improve their company’s environmental footprint.

“Nearly all of the products being shipped today use corrugated cardboard and with upwards of 85 percent of it being recovered, the majority of boxes contain some recycled content,” says 3M marketing manager (U.S.) Brian Kenady. “With so much variation, it is important that companies are equipped with sealing tape that doesn’t require multiple applications in order to keep the products secure. It makes sense not only from an environmental footprint perspective but also from the bottom line.”

In late 2010, 3M unveiled the first product in the Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tape line. Since its introduction, the tape has helped manufacturers across industries cut their costs by thousands of dollars. In one instance, the Recycled Corrugate Tape enabled a major apparel manufacturer to realize significant cost savings by using only a single strip of tape on their boxes instead of using multiple strips.

3M’s Recycled Corrugate Tape products can be applied by hand for low volume packaging with a hand-held tape dispenser or with a 3M-Matic Case Sealer for high productivity packing. For more information about the complete line of 3M Recycled Corrugate Tapes, visit

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