Canadian Packaging

Spicing up the packaging

April 27, 2011
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Recreating fancy restaurant dishes at home is no easy trick, but a new line of pre-measured spice mixes launched last month by McCormick Canada can help turn even the most culinary-challenged home chefs into instant kitchen superstars, according to Canada’s leading spice producer.

Offered in six distinctive recipes, the new Club House Recipe Inspirations line of spices are packaged in clear plastic blister-packs—designed by the Toronto-based Novellus Graphics—featuring six separate clear-plastic compartments holding one of six different spices used to prepare one of several mouthwatering dishes, including Rosemary Roasted Chicken and Potatoes, Mexican Lasagna, Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas, Pasta Primavera, Cran-Apple and Sage Pork Chop and Asian Sesame Salmon.

Now retailing in the spice aisles of major grocery stores across Canada, each of the six blisterpacks comes with a collectible, detailed recipe card providing easy-to-follow cooking instructions and Nutrition Facts information—printed by Cadmus Specialty Packaging of Charlotte, N.C.—which are easily pulled off by consumer from the perforated back panel to reveal a colorful picture of the finished dish and to release the six individual foil lidded plastic squares from their slots in the paperboard cutout windows.

Measuring between eight and 13 grams of spices in total, depending on the recipe, each Recipe Inspirations pack contains at least one lesser-known spice such as toasted sesame seeds, cumin, dill
weed, etc., and at least one of the 10 so-called ‘Super Spices’ that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients such as carotenoids, flavonoids and other phenolics, according to McCormick Canada’s executive Chef Michael Cloutier.

“These spices possess health-promoting properties that go beyond just being great antioxidants,” says Cloutier.

“With the new Club House Recipe Inspirations, consumers get to experiment with new herbs and spices that they may not have readily available at home—providing a low-risk opportunity to get more familiar with new spices that can take home prepared meals to the next level,” Cloutier explains.

“All the other ingredients, such as proteins and vegetables needed for the recipes, are clearly listed on the back of the package for easy shopping and preparation, and because the recipe cards are collectible, they can be easily used again and again.”

Says Cloutier: “These menu-inspired meals are easy for every cook to prepare, whether they are inexperienced or an expert, and especially under time pressure after getting home from work.

“All of these recipes provide healthful flavors and spices, with distinctive combinations for a memorable food experience, and are designed to be on the table from start to finish in under 60 minutes.”