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Multivac releases its new high-speed packaging system for bacon processors.

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller GmbH & Co. KG, the Wolfertschwenden, Germany-based worldwide leader in horizontal thermoform packaging technology, has announced the availability of its R 595 system for efficient, precision packaging of bacon.

The R 595 is engineered with MULTIVAC’s industry-leading sanitary design in a compact footprint to meet the space requirements of most bacon processing facilities. The machine will be available in two different versions. The first machine version, with a footprint of approximately 16 feet (4.7 meters) will be equipped with a one-track tooling. The second machine version, which will be equipped with a two-track tooling, will have a footprint of approximately 23 feet (6.7 meters). This machine generates an output of 120 packs/minute. With the R 595, the forming station is placed within the machine, thereby offering ample loading area for manual loading despite the limited footprint of the machines.

“The R 595 represents a generational leap forward for processors seeking to modernize their facilities with the most reliable and efficient packaging machinery available, operating at the highest possible throughput,” says Guido Spix, chief technology officer, MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller. “We developed this advanced packaging equipment for bacon in close consultation with our customers, always with the focus on solving current challenges with legacy machinery and building the most comprehensive solution for bacon packaging.”

The R 595 series is also equipped with vacuum-assisted loading stations to further define and reinforce the lower package cavities. This significantly eases manual loading. Maximum sealing quality is delivered with MULTIVAC’s unrivalled sealing technology, which exerts more than four times the sealing force of comparable systems on the market.

Engineered with electric lifting systems instead of pneumatics for the sealing and cross-cutting functions, the R 595 delivers further cost savings through reduced energy consumption. A substantial reduction in packaging material waste is also achieved through an optimized layout of package formats. Product branding and other required package messaging can be delivered using printed top and bottom films, enabling processors to enhance their “green” initiatives by eliminating L-boards and tux cartons.

Processors may also opt to equip the R 595 with an unwinding station for jumbo rolls of film. This will reduce downtime for film changes to as little as once per shift.

MULTIVAC can provide a fully automated line including slicer, handling units for product loading and package separation as well as quality control systems.

Attendees of Process Expo 2011 can view a live demonstration of the Multivac R595 with full automation and Weber slicing. Visit the Multivac website for free admission.

For more information on all MULTIVAC products, contact MULTIVAC Canada Inc., headquartered in Woodbridge, Ont. just north of Toronto at 905-264-1170 or by fax at 905-264-9647 or


Multivac Canada Inc., whose parent company is headquartered in Wolfertschwenden, Germany, is the Canadian arm of a privately held worldwide group of companies who sell, service and support vacuum and other packaging machinery. Packaging equipment includes rollstock machines for automatic packaging from rolls of thermoformable plastic materials, traysealers for use with pre-made trays and chamber machines for packaging in preformed pouches. The MULTIVAC group has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with about 1,300 based at the headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. The company is represented on every continent, with over 60 subsidiaries.


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