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Festo offers new equipment and enhancements

Leading supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology unveils latest new products and enhancements to its current line of products.

February 22, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Festo, a global supplier of industrial control and automation, has released new tech for 2012.

VZQA Pneumatic Proportional Media Valve

VZQA pneumatic proportional media valve

With its simple design, the VZQA is a pneumatic proportional media valve that operates using a pinching principle. Component parts of the VZQA series can be individually interchanged enabling one housing to be used in a number of different applications. Component parts include diaphragms of different materials, as well as end caps with varying connection types. Currently available with NBR seals. Future plans are to create diaphragms suitable for the food industry.
The compact and lightweight design of the proportional media valve VZQA delivers fast closing times and takes up little installation space. This reliable high performer controls media with working pressures of up to four bar using pilot pressures of two to six bar. The sturdy housing made from stainless steel makes the proportional media valve largely resistant to all external influences.

ADN/ADNGF Compact Cylinders

ADN Compact Cylinder

ADN/ADNGF is expanding and is now complimented by the PPS option. The outer dimensions of the ADN/ADNGF to ISO 21287 will not change. Distinguished by its compact design and broad area of application thanks to the large number of variants this actuator family welcomes the PPS option in all sizes (32mm up to 80mm diameter). 
• More than the standard: Piston (12mm – 125mm);
• Variable strokes up to (1mm – 9000mm);
• Compact cylinder with standard port pattern, dimensions based on ISO 21287;
• Innovative technology for maximum speeds;
• Flexible in use thanks to customized variants;
• Spare parts service.

ADNP Compact Cylinders

ADNP Cyclinder

ADNP Cylinders have the latest flexible cushioning rings as standard to absorb any residual energy to facilitate high speeds and fast machine cycles. This type of cushioning gives a long service life as well as minimal friction. ADNP is an economical version of ADN with polymer caps. The ADNP now features supply port threads inside the polymer caps.
These cylinders are low in weight thanks to a polymer bearing and polymer end caps.
All ADNP Cylinders are easy to mount with a comprehensive range of mounting accessories for just about every type of installation with a range of variants makes them highly flexible. Can also be integrated with our cylinder mounted switches for contactless position switching. Available in a variety of different cylinder diameters 20mm-50mm, with stroke lengths ranging from 5mm-80mm.

CPX-4AE-U-I High-resolution Analog Input Module

CPX-4AE-U-I High-resolution Analog Input Module.

A new four-channel analog input module is now available for the CPX. The CPX-4AE-U-I is a high resolution full feature addition to our existing analog module range. This input module is extremely flexible for demanding tasks in factory and process automation such as: in level measurement, pressure measurement and distance measurement.
Very economical due to numerous signal types integrated into a single module. Reduced downtimes due to comprehensive channel-specific diagnostics.
Module features:
•    Broad range of signal formats available per channel 0…10V, 4…20mA, +/- 10V, +/- 20mA;
•    16 bit resolution;
•    High accuracy;
•    Overload protection for inputs;
•    Fast module update rates;
•    Various connection technologies available.

SFAM 90 Flow Sensor

SFAM 90 Flow Sensor

Festo’s modular SFAM 90 airflow sensor can precisely monitor an entire machine’s airflow to detect conditions that are wasting energy–conditions that also indicate pneumatic valves and actuators are not performing to specifications.
The SFAM-90 is an expansion of the SFAM flow sensor series into higher flow rates (up to 15,000 L/min). This product can be ordered as a stand-alone unit, with tube mounting, or with mounting for integration into an MS9 series air preparation unit. 
Using the combined configuration provides an enterprise with an advanced, cost-justified, energy-saving, productivity-enhancing, and preventive maintenance solution for pneumatics.
The SFAM 90 provides absolute flow information and accumulated air consumption measurement. It features an adjustable consumption-based switching impulse for accumulated air consumption measurement via the switching output. It can provide precise information even when flow conditions are fluctuating and unreliable. With its highly dynamic response of 1:100, the sensor covers an extensive measuring range with a specified accuracy.
The SFAM 90 is compact, which makes for flexible installation. The unidirectional flow sensor offers a choice of flow direction left to right or right to left. It is plug and play, with clear and fast menu navigation and manual consumption measurement with start/stop and reset functionality.

SPTW Pressure Sensor

SPTW Pressure Sensor

The SPTW sensor is a pressure transmitter designed for all media that will not corrode stainless steel. With its extensive options for pressure ranges, this sensor can be used from vacuum applications (-1 to +1 bar) up to high pressure applications (0 to 100 bar). With quick installation and practically no setup, the SPTW provides a reliable analogue signal through an M12 connector with an accuracy of one per cent of the full measure range selected

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