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Your old boxes could put dollars in your pocket

By Jackie White, Freelance Writer   

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Contributor Jackie White provides an interesting take on how businesses and individuals can recycle paperboard and corrugated products and make some money on the side.

Inflation has taken its toll and Canadian families can expect to pay as much as $1,600 more on basic living costs this year than what they did last.

Everyone is trying to save money where they can, making do with less than what they are accustomed to and even taking second jobs in a bid to make ends meet.

What countless Canadian households and businesses are completely unaware of is the fact that they can acquire money by selling their unwanted corrugated and paperboard boxes and packaging to resellers, recycling outfits or to private buyers.

While you probably won’t become a millionaire by doing so, you will earn money by essentially getting rid of your garbage and household clutter, and gain peace of mind as you contribute towards a sustainable environment through your recycling efforts.


Recycle your boxes for cash 
While recycling is a very noble act that contributes significantly to the welfare of the environment, it can also see you earn some cash for your efforts.

There are a number of recycling outfits situated throughout Canada that will pay you for your unwanted paperboard boxes and packaging.

One such an enterprise is Allied Paper Savers in Edmonton, Alta. that pays cash for baled and loose corrugated, newspaper, paperboard and even glossy paper.

If you have moving boxes that are still in a good condition, on U-Haul International Inc.’s Box Exchange program you can sell them to other families or individuals that are moving soon.

Even business enterprises can earn some extra money from selling their excess boxes regardless of whether they are overruns, misprints or used moving boxes. A Box Broker Inc. services the greater Toronto area and will pay good money for large quantities of corrugated.

Sell your boxes on eBay
Apart from making money from your recycling efforts, you can also attempt to sell your branded product packaging boxes on eBay.

In order to save money, millions of consumers purchase second-hand or refurbished items and, although these items may be almost brand-new, they often don’t come in the original packaging.

Under normal circumstances this won’t be a problem, unless of course the purchase is made as a gift for someone else. Parents, in particular, try to make a refurbished product look like the original, knowing very well how fastidious children can be.

What boxes are the most sought-after?
The most in-demand packaging is that for hi-tech items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. An Xbox 360 or Playstation 4 box can sell for as much as $50 and possibly even more around Christmas time when the demand will be a lot higher.

Packaging of very pricey luxury items can sell for even more. If you happen to have a Rolex watch or Cartier ring box lying around, you can earn yourself as much as $350 for a single empty box.

Will any box sell?
Only packaging for highly desirable products will sell on platforms such as eBay. Unfortunately, chances are very slim of you selling the box your $98 Walmart TV came in.

All packaging sold has to be in immaculate condition—if it is grubby, it is better to not have any packaging at all.

Try to sell your packaging to international customers. If the product is hard to obtain in their country of residence, chances are they will pay a premium fee for the packaging.

It is always good to browse the internet first to see what packaging similar to yours sell for so that you can set a realistic price that will see your item sold in the shortest period of time possible.

Regardless of whether you have a handful or a truckload of corrugated or paperboard boxes to recycle, even the smallest effort will earn you some extra money in your pocket and help keep the environment safe from litter.

Get your entire family involved in your efforts, collect boxes and packaging from neighbors and friends and look through your cupboards for potentially-valuable packaging. For all you know you could have a box-sized goldmine sitting right under your nose.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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