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Will plastics problem spur the eventual return of deposits to Ontario?

PPEC (Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council ’s John Mullinder loves fish but isn’t as keen on plastic. See what he has to say about creating a circular economy for plastics.

February 14, 2018   by John Mullinder, PPEC

I love fish. Plastic not so much. This puts me in good company, it seems, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who recently told the World Economic Forum that the “plastics issue” will be the main theme at the G7 leaders’ summit in Charlevoix, Quebec in June.

Trudeau’s announcement follows in the footsteps of Coca-Cola saying it intends to make bottles with 50% average recycled content by 2030 (12 years away). And Unilever calling for the consumer goods industry to step up its efforts to tackle the mounting challenge of ocean plastic waste and create a circular economy for plastics.

All good and stirring words. But how are they going to get there? Not using plastics in the first place is one option, of course. British frozen food retailer, Iceland Foods, has just done that, committing  . . .  Read the full post HERE.


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