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Share A Coke campaign made me smile

By Andrew Joseph, Canadian Packaging Features Editor   

Design & Innovation General Bottling Coca-Cola Canada Share A Coke campaign

The can above was gifted to me by the fine folks at Coca-Cola Canada… specifically Kate Hillyar who seems to know all about Coca-Cola’s long-time philosophy of “Have a Coke and a Smile.

The personalized Share A Coke campaign is only just now wrapping up around the world. In Canada, the most popular 290 names in English Canada and 241 in French Canada were used… and while my name was indeed out there as part of the campaign, I was just unable to find it, instead finding plenty of Justin’s and the like. Nothing against the name Justin, of course.

Kate and I had communicated on a few other Coca-Cola press releases, and in between I expressed my ‘concern’ that I was unable to find my name.

Kate said she would see what she could do. And, while she too probably found it difficult to find my pre-printed Andrew Coke bottle, she did have a nice 222 mL Coke can made up for me via the traveling Coca-Cola kiosk… an idea that recognized that just because someone may not have one of the more ‘common’ names like Justin (again, nothing against Justin), it was no reason to be penalized by not being able to find your name on a Coca-Cola product.


The kiosk allowed everyone who stood in line – and there were LOOOoooooonnnnng lines – to create their own personalized Coca-Cola can.

Everyone matters, seems to be the calling cry… and as far as developing new Coca-Cola drinkers, well… that’s not a guarantee, but it certainly puts the soft drink beverage manufacturer in a higher light amongst those of us lucky enough to either find our name, or to have the opportunity to create a personalized beverage itself.

Of course the whole idea isn’t JUST to find your own name, but rather the name of a family, friend or loved one and present it to them. Share a Coke, indeed.

If I wasn’t already a fan, I would be now. Now that’s good marketing.

Andrew Joseph


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