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Packaging stewards should be rewarded for using recycled content

By John MUllinder, PPEC   

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PPEC’s John Mullinder says it’s only fair that companies involved in the circular economy using recycled content1 should get some perks.

Recycled content is central to the “Circular Economy” approach that Ontario and some other provinces say they want to adopt. It keeps raw materials flowing through the economy longer, reduces the pressure to extract more virgin materials from the earth, and delays their eventual disposal as waste. It’s something which governments say they want to encourage, and for which stewards of paper products and packaging should be rewarded.

The Canadian paper packaging industry has spent millions of dollars over the years investing in cleaning and screening machinery so that it can re-use and recycle recovered paper. Packaging mills in Southern Ontario led North America in recycling old boxboard for the first time back in the 1990s. Today, some 94% of Canadians can recycle it.

And today, most of the corrugated boxes and boxboard cartons made in Ontario are continuously made from 100% recycled content, a circular  . . .  Read the full post HERE.



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