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Ontario Blue Box recovery rate slips, but paper steady

According to an opinion piece by John Mullinder of PPEC, Blue Box recovery rates are down 2 percent and that makes things interesting for Ontario's government.

November 13, 2017   by John Mullinder, PPEC

The reported recovery rate of Ontario’s residential Blue Box system has fallen to its lowest level since 2005.

The draft recovery rates, to be finalized by Stewardship Ontario in December, show a 2016 recovery rate of 62.4 percent, down two percent on the previous year.

This will make the recent “request” by Ontario’s minister of environment and climate change for a new Blue Box recovery rate of 75 percent interesting.

Some 75 percent of what’s currently being recovered is paper of one kind or another, the same as it was back in 2003. Printed paper (newspapers, magazines and catalogues, telephone books and printing and writing paper) has the highest recovery rate overall (81 percent), followed by glass packaging (70 percent), paper packaging (67 percent) and steel packaging (63 percent).


Paper packaging is the only material grouping whose recovery rate has either stayed . . . Read the rest HERE.

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