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Biennial food-and-beverage industry event will have something special for everyone

Everyone knows that food and drink make life worthwhile, so why not have a trade show wholly dedicated to the industry?

Produced by the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), the renowned PROCESS EXPO has single-handedly become the Western Hemisphere’s leading trade show dedicated to the food and beverage industry.

Running Oct. 8-11, 2019, at Chicago’s grandiose McCormick Place convention center, PROCESS EXPO is expecting more than 15,000 international professionals, from virtually every market in the food and beverage industry to network, discover new and innovative ideas, and benefit from fresh perspectives on existing and incipient technologies.

This year, PROCESS EXPO plans to feature an extensive range of show floor activities that include, but are not limited to: five live production line demonstrations, an augmented reality showcase, timely educational sessions on the show floor addressing critical topics for the food and beverage industry, as well as certification courses in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance, Preventive Controls for Animal Food, Foreign Supplier Verification, and Dairy Processing 101.


“This year’s show promises to be our strongest ever, featuring several activities that will help our audience gain a much better understanding of our technology and how it can best be used to improve production in the plant,” says Jarrod McCarroll, Chairman of the FPSA and President of Weber, Inc.

“Every aisle at PROCESS EXPO will boast experts from all different segments of the industry, providing attendees a value-add they just won’t find at other shows.

“Our exhibitors will be presenting new ideas, insights and technologies that can help customers gain a competitive advantage,” McCarroll continues.

President and chief executive officer of FPSA David Seckman,echoes McCarroll’s sentiments, citing a lot of hard work and dedication that has gone into making PROCESS EXPO a one-of-a-kind show for visitors and exhibitors.

“It’s no longer just about visiting exhibitors and attending a few education sessions––we are always looking for ways to provide more value for the attendee,” Seckman says.

“We know everyone’s time is extremely valuable, and for this reason, we have built a program and exhibit floor that truly is the must-attend event of this year.”

With over 500 companies expected to exhibit, there undoubtedly will be no shortage of opportunities to network and collaborate on potential upcoming projects.

This year’s featured exhibitors include:

  • Admix, Inc.;
  • Anritsu;
  • Busch Vacuum Pumps & Systems;
  • CMC America Corporation;
  • D&F Equipment Sales;
  • Eagle Product Inspection;
  • Food Plant Engineering, LLC;
  • Handtmann Inc.;
  • Heat and Control;
  • iNECTA;
  • JBT Corporation;
  • Kerres USA;
  • Laufer Valve Technology, Inc.;
  • Mettler Toledo;
  • Multivac, Inc.;
  • Nilfisk, Inc.;
  • Poly-clip System;
  • Promarks;
  • Quadrant EPP;
  • Reiser;
  • Rome Grinding Solutions;
  • SPX FLOW, Inc.;
  • TREIF USA, Inc.;
  • Uniqair Technologies;
  • VC999;
  • Weber, Inc.;
  • and Zubex USA.


This year’s event also will include a Beverage Zone, courtesy of an agreement with FPSA and NuernbergMesse, who will build and endorse this new attraction.

The Beverage Zone will provide booth space for suppliers to the beverage industry and promote this vital segment to PROCESS EXPO attendees throughout the duration of the show.

The Beverage Zone will integrate manufacturing solutions, displays, education and expertise for beverage manufacturers, as well as solutions for food industry professionals.

“NuernbergMesse is happy to have a continued partnership with the Food Processing Suppliers Association,” extols Bill Ingwersen, Managing Director of NuernbergMesse North America.

“We value what this partnership brings to the food and beverage industry and the global significance PROCESS EXPO has as an industry-leading event.”

On the food side, visitors will also experience a slice of life thanks to a comprehensive live demonstration of a pizza line process—from the making of the crust, through dropping of sauces and toppings, and concluding with the packaging of the finished product.


Taking place three times a day, the pizza line demonstration will feature leading exhibitors such as CMC America, ILAPAK, Intralox, Mettler Toledo, Grote Company, Naegele/Benier, Handtmann and Praxair, among others.

According to Tony Graves, Chairman of the FPSA Bakery Council, the pizza line will appeal not only to pizza manufacturers but also to other types of processors, as the demonstrations will exhibit the different stages of production.

“You don’t just go from raw materials into a mixer and come out with a packaged frozen pizza without a high degree of coordination and technology working together to produce a superior product,” Graves explains.

“Our customers understand that clearly, and for this reason, they can truly appreciate a production line that brings together eight top-flight equipment manufacturers.”

Attendees will see similar advances in live production line demonstrations for sliced cheese, pet food, ground beef patties and sliced salami and pepperoni.

Due to a spike in interest regarding cannabis production, PROCESS EXPO will be hosting numerous educational sessions featuring this market, with a particular emphasis on
cannabis-infused edibles.


According to McCarroll, the primary purpose of these educational sessions is to teach growers and processors about how to adjust their business strategy and production process to comply with new cannabis regulations.

“Many growers in the cannabis industry are focused on processing, and since products can’t cross state lines, there need to be processing plants in each state,” explains McCarroll.

“Growers and processors also need to understand how to raise their products’ standards and adjust to new regulations, which they can learn about at PROCESS EXPO.”


Like many industries, food processing also is wrestling with the problem of retiring baby boomers and a shortage of qualified younger professionals entering the market.

“Both attendees and exhibitors see a challenge in finding good people,” Seckman explains.

Thanks to PROCESS EXPO providing meet-ups of its Young Professional Network and Women’s Alliance Network and other networking opportunities, it will pave the way for attracting more diverse groups of people to the industry.

“By way of these networking events, we are hoping to help our colleagues expand their career opportunities, while also helping build awareness of the food industry as a vibrant career path,” notes Seckman.

The real testament to PROCESS EXPO’s power is getting firsthand success stories from previous attendees—both from exhibitors and visitors.

Two years ago, a bakery exhibitor made one of his largest sales to a meat company representative who was walking the show floor and saw a series of ovens.

For McCarroll, this business transaction embodies everything that PROCESS EXPO has been striving for since its inception back in 2011.

“The meat company realized that this technology could be used for smoking and drying their meat, thereby shortening the time to process their final product by using what others might consider ‘baking equipment,’” McCarroll recounts.

“It’s examples like this that make PROCESS EXPO a win-win event for both buyers and sellers.”

The unique combination of networking, exhibiting to qualified audiences and exclusive first looks at emergent machinery has helped to solidify PROCESS EXPO as a truly one-of-a-kind show and conference that is best experienced in person for maximum payoff.

As Seckman concludes, “PROCESS EXPO is the one place where attendees can see the cross-pollination of technologies and perhaps apply them in their own industry for the first time to gain a competitive advantage.

“It’s something that you just don’t get at vertically focused trade shows or over the Internet.”

For more information and to register for the PROCESS EXPO 2019 show and conference, go to:


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