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Why Mpac Langen is Trusted by Leading Brands

June 14, 2021   Logan Caswell

Mpac’s cartoning machinery is based on modular assemblies to give you flexible machine configurations. Each one is hygienic, ergonomic and designed with accessibility in mind to help you smash OEE ceilings.We’ve been dedicated to providing remarkable products and exceptional service for over 107 years.

With more consumers dining in and forcing a sudden spike in demand, you have no choice but to max out your manufacturing line. This relentless pressure can overwhelm standard cartoners, which means pausing production while products pile up. Mpac’s flexible cartoners effortlessly handle cartons of all shapes and sizes without compromising productivity.

The vision has driven our growth, from a handful of staff to an international company.
Today, Mpac Langen, as part of Mpac, is trusted by leading brands to design and build world-class machinery that delivers on their global strategy.

Committed to Excellence 
Working across the pharmaceutical, health & personal care, food & beverage and consumer goods sectors, Mpac Langen helps world-class companies adapt and grow.



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