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Who’s your office “Queen Bee”?

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Don’t put the success of your business in one pair of hands—build a cross-functional team with Label Traxx MIS.

Label Traxx MIS has released the latest in its series of humorous videos. Entitled “The Office Queen Bee,” it features a key order-entry person who is called back into the office on a vacation day to process a complex order. The film highlights the danger of having individuals controlling specific areas of your business and making themselves indispensable.

Label Traxx MIS provides a framework to centralize business data and promotes a controlled workflow. This makes it much easier for a team to be cross-functional, meaning a company is never reliant on just one person. The team becomes indispensable.

“In Label Traxx MIS, your Label specifications and all other key job data are stored centrally,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “There’s no need to keep parts of your data and workflow in other systems – that just creates islands of information. Having an office “Queen Bee” isn’t efficient and will affect your productivity.”

Label Traxx MIS aims to streamline workflow and increase productivity and efficiency. You have visibility and control of your entire workflow – and staff get the time off that they have earned and deserve.

As the video says, “Don’t have one mind run the hive. Become a hive mind”:

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Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability. Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, and has an office in the UK, plus an agent in Australia. More information at


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