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What does the future of packaging look like? Join Harpak-ULMA at Pack Expo 2021 to find out

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Shifting consumer demands coupled with increasing labor challenges are forcing producers and manufacturers to rethink strategies and adapt to new normals.

Fortunately there are more options than ever before to innovate your production process and improve your versatility and efficiency.

This year, Harpak-ULMA is showing you the path to production optimization with our showcase at Pack Expo 2021 in Las Vegas, NV, September 27-29!

Visit us at booth #6101 at Pack Expo 2021!


Learn about package design, prototyping, sustainability, and better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Let us show you how our automated packaging options can help scale your production, overcome labor challenges, and boost your output for almost any product.

If you haven’t registered to attend Pack Expo 2021, you can do so HERE. Use guest passcode 26J97 to get FREE show registration.

We look forward to seeing you there! Check out a preview of our very best packaging solutions that we’ll be bringing to the show.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Stopping production for troubleshooting and repairs can be costly and frustrating. But with Augmented Reality (AR), the wait is over! AR technology allows you to visualize critical 3D operational data in real-time and get the remote assistance, training, and guidance you need anywhere in the world. With AR, you can save more time and money – anytime, anywhere.

Pack Expo 2021 Showcase

  • AR on our TFS500 machine & other demonstrations in partnership with PTC

Product-to-Pallet Automation

Robotic automation is paving the way for new levels of scalability and production efficiency for packagers across all industries. Primary packaging, secondary packaging, palletizing – automation reduces operational spending and labor costs, improves speed to market, and creates safer work environments by handling strenuous, manual jobs. Is automation right for you?

Pack Expo 2021 Showcase

  • Fanuc Collaborative Robots (COBOTS)


Our thermoforming equipment is the ideal solution for food, medical, and industrial applications. Offering a wide range of sizes and formats on the same machine – Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), vacuum, and skin – thermoformers help reduce downtime, increase flexibility, and create attractive packages to your unique specifications.

Pack Expo 2021 Showcase:

Flow Wrapping

Our modern flow wrapping machines are built for packaging versatility. Form perfectly sized packaging with or without trays. Incorporate various films like laminate or polypropylene with ease. Change your mechanical elements in minutes, not days, to create superior packaging to meet your customers’ needs.

Pack Expo 2021 Showcase:

Tray Sealing & Forming

The perfect packaging solution for food-based products, our tray sealing and forming machines improve shelf life and prevent spoilage. Combine heat, plastic film, and rigid trays in the geometry you want to create the perfect package. Choose the application you need – MAP, pre-cut lids, Darfresh on Tray®, PaperSeal®, and others – for unmatched versatility. With all processes on one system, you’re in control.

Pack Expo 2021 Showcase:


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